PSElements 14 - Printing Problem

I am able to successfully edit with PhototLab, but when I go to print using Elements 14 the image appears as a small square in the upper left portion of the frame. Also I tried to set the print up using the Export to Application button and I got a message saying Elements doesn’t recognize .jpg or dng. Any suggestions how I can correct these issues? Is this happening because I am using the demo version? thanks.


What is the size of the picture exported did you resize it ?
And maybe the size of the PSE document is to big ?

Here is ascreenshot showing the size information. Is this what you need. Thanks.


Could you explain me all the steps you do to add this picture in PSE and the size of the picture?


The size of the picture is 4500 x 4378 pixels, 57.8 mb. To add the picture to PSE I simply begin in Picasa, click on the image and ask that it open in PSE. And then I edit it using the new PhotoLab program that I am trying out.


I understand the beginning: Using Picasa (P3), select the file, right click and Open with/PSE. But, how do you get to PL and back to PSE?

The simplest solution is to Save the edited file and reopen in Picasa, then Print.