Promo codes?

I know DxO have discount sales reasonably often, but as a keen (unpaid, and that’s fine) salesperson for DxO I often find people are eager to buy but are “waiting for a discount”, as I suspect a lot of people do.

I would really like to be able to offer (probably a limited number of) discount codes to tempt these people to buy now. I’m really not looking for any benefit for myself, just a way to coax these people to buy now because I truly believe they will be delighted with the choice.

It is obviously 100% a business choice for DxO, but it occurs to me that the ability to offer, say, a 15% discount to these people could mean they don’t wait until the widely available 30% sales that occur every so often and this means more money for DxO.

The folks at AgileBits offered all paid up users a single “free months” code for 1Password a while ago to give away to a friend or family member. I loved the idea and chose carefully who got mine! Back before they went subscription I was also able to give away one discount purchase.

PL4 can be trial tested for a month, FREE.

Yes, and the idea to write this post actually came from reading someone saying the following actual words in response to a post I made…

Great idea. Voted.

I’m in the same boat, signed up for the trial of photolab 4, recollect a discount code was offered up for 30% off, thought that’s good as it brings it into line where I want to be pricewise - I am new to postprocessing and also an infrequent user.

Anyway trial ended a couple of days ago can’t find the discount code I had so will now wait until the next discount becomes available or look elsewhere for a suitable offering at my price point.