Problems with NIK activation

Dear @Elaine,

there are a lot of people and DXO staff would like to help you. But at the moment nobody can imagine what is going wrong.
Because I’m not an native english speaker I have difficulties to understand your posts.
i do not know where you from, but if english is not your native language also, maybe you will describe the problems with your native language.
So please support us giving the chance to support you.

Enjoy your day



hello Guenterm

thank you for teh message, you must be translating this message, I am from UK, will get back later have to go out wont be back till after dark,

Best regards Elaine

no idea what photolab is, I run mac and have adobe photoshop cc

Dear @Elaine,

I was willing to help but at the moment I’m perplexed.
Maybe gregor can help you. The only tip i can give is
x look for your installation/setup file you got few years ago, or download it again with your DXO account
x if we talk about the old Nik free or google collection you will find it here Nik Collection 2012 - Nik Collection by DxO
x install the google version you found/downloaded and all will be ok

so stay healthy and optimistic

best regards from germany