Problems after firmware update

(Peter Thommen) #1

I have a 2 and a half year old DxO one and made a firmware update this spring. Since then the camera is „dead“. So i tried to get some help from the support. But they didn‘t help me and told me after three month that the camera is too old to get repaired.
I think it‘s not a hardware but a software problem. Can anybody help me? I‘m very unhappy with my „brick“ and very disappointed with the „support“ from DxO.

(Peter Thommen) #2

Hello, is anybody out there???
Perhaps somebody from the fabulous DxO Company?


Too bad about your DXO One camera, but after their abrupt cut off of all support for it, what can you expect?

I can understand why they stopped making the DX One. They didn’t want to spend effort on an updated model with all of the improved performance phones cameras now on the market, although IMO very little can touch the Super Raw in the DXO small sensor. Still, I believe that DXO owes it to their customers to continue support of the DXO One for a few years, at least. Their failure to stand behind this camera has made me realize that, notwithstanding the DXO reputation, that reputation is now undeserved. It is evident that they really do not give a damn about their customers once they have purchased the product. For that reason alone, I am finished with DXO products, including their apps.

I’ll continue to occasionally use my DXO One for the novelty, but I cannot depend on it since the battery life is a joke and they failed to produce the add-on battery that they promised for an extended and useful power device.
Final thought: Why should I trust DXO Applications when they so easily deserted their customers who spent a lot of money on the DXO-One camera? Loyalty is a two way street. DXO loyalty and product support is non-existent!
Their silence says it all.

(Mark) #4

DXO recently filed for bankruptcy protection in order to continue in business. On of the decisions made at that time was to abandon development of the DXO One camera. It certainly is unfortunate that they are not continuing to support their existing client base. I for one will not abandon their processing apps since they give me better results then anything else out there. But you do what you have to do.



I am aware of their situation. But failure to support their customer base regarding a dropped product leaves those customers swinging in the wind and does little to rebuild an already tattered reputation. Mr. Thommen, who started this thread has had an outrageous experience with this once great company. What they did and the way they did it was even more distressing. First they split the company; applications and software went to DXO Mark and everything else remained with DXO Labs, the original company. Then they closed the doors of DXO Labs and went BK. , while the new separate company DXO Mark takes the position “it’s not our problem”.

According to the Digital Trends article written last year on April, the company had approximately 113 employees.

If you go to their website, you will find that they are now limited to lens and camera testing which was always their main business. There is no mention of software. They advertise their expertise in camera development services to camera manufacturers such as camera ISP tuning optimization services. There is also a software website and I found a recent review which indicates that their “new” software is just the same old DXO Optics Pro to which they have added their acquired old NIK software package.

As the saying goes, ‘fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me’. I’ll stick with Adobe, Capture One and Irident Developer for the foreseeable future. They are not perfect but they work well. Good luck with DXO.

(Mark) #6

I’m afraid you’ve gotten most of the facts jumbled in your post. They are still two separate entities, and you’re confused about a lot of the other details as well. DXO Labs is the company which owns and supports Photolab and the other software. It’s unfortunate about the DXO One support, and I not trying to get you to accept it or forgive them, but since you were describing the entities involved incorrectly, I felt the need to comment.