Printing compatibility

(Norton Eloy Dudeque) #1

For sure, we do need printing capabilities in DX PL with all major printers. Please include it in DXO PL 3.

(Svetlana G.) #2

Good morning!

Can you, please, be more precise with the request? What exactly is missing?

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Svetlana G.

(Joanna Carter) #3

From what I can see, PhotoLab can print to any printer installed on the computer.

The only thing I would like to see is a better “Disposition” tab on the print dialog. I tend to use Photoshop to print correctly sized TIFF exports, due to the inability in PhotoLab to be able to size and place the image accurately, with unequal borders if required.

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(Norton Eloy Dudeque) #4

Good morning,
yes, so for I couldn’t print anything correctly in PL2. I use a Canon Pro-10, sometimes Canson paper Rag 310mg, sometimes Canon paper, but I can’t configure correct margins in PL. Another issue is that the image in the final printout is cropped, just part of the image gets printed. Perhaps it is my inability to configure the print dialog box. But anyways, I can print from any other software such as Apple’s Preview, or Luminar 3.

(John Barrett) #5

There is also another post on printing problems on margins not being correctly sized. This was raised some time ago but nothing came of it.

and one of the earlier ones

(Roger) #6

I am also using a Canon Pro 10 and I get superb results by exporting a TIFF file to Lightroom and then printing from there. I was unable to get good results trying to print directly from Photolab

(John Barrett) #7

It rather defeats the object if you have to use a second program to be able to print. At lest FastStone Image Viewer which we use is free but its a pain having to export fromn PL just to pring with even borders! If FastStone Image Viewer can do very good printing options why can’t DXO get there to work as well?

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(Svetlana G.) #8

Hello guys,

Okay got it - your requests have been sent to the team and PO.

Svetlana G.