Presets for local adjustment masks


Local adjustments, for me, are one of the most marvelous aspects of PL. I love how simple they are to use and apply.

However, I find that I regularly apply very similar setting repeatedly. For example:

Darken a skyline, and add some contrast to it as well
Lighten a face, along with adding some contrast
Reducing the exposure of a highlight area, as well as bringing the highliught slider down a bit

I’d love to be able to create presets for these, similar to how it is possible to create presets for the gloabl adjustments in PL.

DxO could conceivably make it possible to save certain combinations of settings for the Local Adjustments section in presets but the masks would never match and would have to be redrawn anyway. So, I fail to see the point.


Local Adjustments are based solely on specific masks. @CHPhoto seems to want the ability to save equalizer and other LA settings which could then be pasted to newly drawn masks on other images. I suppose it might be possible to implement a feature like that although it is not likely to happen. In any case they would not be presets in the normal sense but rather saved data in some format which could be selected and applied to individual masks.


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What one can do for now

to a selection of photos – and then after adjust the mask(s).

@mwsilvers You are correct in your interpretation, thank you for clarifying my original post.

I used the term ‘preset’ to describe the idea for want of another term to call the concept.

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