Presets and Recipes


Use presets and recipes to enhance multiple images the same way. Presets can be found within Analog Efex Pro 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, and Silver Efex Pro 2. Recipes, which enable you to quickly apply multiple filters at once, are a feature of Color Efex Pro 4.

How to export custom presets and/or recipes
When reinstalling the software or installing the software to a new computer, it may be necessary to export custom presets and recipes that you have created or imported in order to save them and import them again later. This is also how you would share your presets or recipes with friends and colleagues.

To export presets and recipes, please do the following:

Open an image into the desired plug-in.
Access the recipe you would like to export. (Note: This will only work for the presets and recipes that you have created or imported. The rest of the plug-ins are already built-in to the software.)
Hover the cursor over the thumbnail image of the preset or recipe so that the icons appear, then click the arrow icon in the corner.
Select a destination folder to export the files to and save. The files will end in “.np.”
These exported preset and recipe files are now ready to be imported to the plug-ins.
How to import presets and/or recipes
To import presets or recipes that you have exported or traded from other computers, please do the following:

Analog Efex Pro 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, and Silver Efex Pro 2

Open Analog Efex Pro 2, HDR Efex Pro 2, or Silver Efex Pro 2 from the host application that you use (Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture).
Click “Imported” in the left panel.
Click the “+” icon to the right of the word “Imported.”
Select the “.np” preset files you have saved and import them.
These presets will then be located in the “Imported” section.
Color Efex Pro 4

Open Color Efex Pro 4 from the host application that you use (Photoshop, Lightroom or Aperture).
Click “Recipes” in the left panel.
At the bottom of the Recipes menu, click “Import.” If “Import” is not visible, click the “Back” button first.
Select the “.np” recipe files you have saved and import them.
These recipes will then be located in the “Import” section.

Unable to Install recipes on ColorFX
(Melbourne, Australia) #5

Note: One “problem” with the Nik Recipe export feature (saved to files) is that specific U-point details are lost in the process.

That is, unlike PhotoLab, which DOES save, to the .dop sidecar file, the specific location in the image to which a local adjustment was applied, the .np file does NOT contain these location parameters.

As a result, saved Nik Recipes are only useful as a generic preset (a little like a PL preset) - - but, they cannot be used to saved specific U-point adjustments to an image - - such as one may wish to re-apply to the same image at a later time … Nik Recipes just don’t work this way.

(LCDI) #6

It seems legit that the U-point are note saved because it is specific to the picture.
On 2 pictures the color selected by the same position of the UPoint can be totally different (and in the case of the picture size is the same)

(Melbourne, Australia) #7

On the assumption that you meant to say: “… are NOT saved …”

Yes, that is legit for a saved Recipe - that one might then use in a generic sense, like a PL preset.

But, it’s contrary to the PL approach of saving an image-specific .dop file - that can be used to revisit local adjustments on a specific image at a future time.

See here for related request:

(LCDI) #8

Oups yes it was “not”


(Mark R Friedman) #9

When I think of Presets and Recipes, I look at on1’s and photoshop’s massive collection of tools available to enhance their product’s, written by third parties with samples usually free and the complete package reasonably priced. With documentation explaining how best to use any tool.

For Nik, I haven’t seen anything like this.

Have I misunderstood what you meant?

(Melbourne, Australia) #10

Hi Mark,

For Color Efex, HDR Efex & Silver Efex (at least) there is a “Preset Library” provided with the software … and one can add to this via the Import[ed] tab.

(Martin Heller) #11

I lost about a year’s worth of my custom presets and recipes when I upgraded, since I expected this upgrade to behave like previous Nik upgrades and preserve them. Please suggest to people that they export their custom presets and recipes before upgrading.

(Niklas Lindblad) #12

Couldn’t agree more, I lost over 300 recipes!

Does anyone share interesting presets anywhere?
(Jack Torcello) #13

Over many years I have collected freely available Nik Collection presets (recipes) from around the web. They are mostly for Colour Efex Pro 4, then Silver Efex Pro 2, and a smattering for HDR FX and Analog FX.

Persevere when you install. I should spend some time sorting them properly. If they do not install in one package - then clearly they aren’t for that package - so try the next one, and so on. Here is the Google Drive link.

(Mark R Friedman) #14

many thanks

(Ioannis Voutyrakis) #15

@Torcello Thank you!

(RayBe) #16

For a series of images of the same subject, is it not possible to create in VIVEZA the recording of the settings applied to the first photo to transmit them to the following photos?
Have a nice day

(Mark R Friedman) #17

It took a while but.I’m ready to install your recipes.
How can I tell which .np file goes with which program?

Better - where does Nik store them on import?


(Peter Lindsay) #18

wonderful, thank you