Possibility to tune customizing

I’d welcome a way to influence how strong the effects of PR turn out.

As far as I am concerned, no sliders are needed, a simple text file should be enough.
The file could include something like this:

  • LuminanceNoiseReduction=20
  • SmartLighting=10

While such a feature might look too complicated for the casual user, it would allow some freedom for advanced usage - without adding too much bulk to the app.

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I would also appreciate this possibility. I’d like to see them as options in the preferences. The values chosen there would be applied to all images. Thus, PureRaw would look and behave exactly as it does now, just with the possibility to customize settings for those who are willing to do so. The parameters that should be customizable from my point of view are:

  • strength of noise reduction
  • strength of lens detail/sharpening
  • which of the lens corrections (vignetting, detail, CA, distortion) should be applied (e.g. I’d like to turn off distortion correction and do this in my RAW converter)

Thanks a lot for considering this!

Hi Frank.

PureRAW (and DxO’s PhotoLab) apply distortion corrections based on analysis of the specific {body+lens} used to capture the image - even down to the actual focal length used.

So, you should see an excellent result from these corrections - - and you can always “refine” the result in your usual image processing app (should you not be entirely happy with it).


Imho in PureRAW the same default parameters are used as in PL4. But there is the problem, that Lens sharpness as default ist set to 0,0 but zero sharpness is -3.
Same as luminance noise reduction. Default ( auto ) in PL4 is 40 and that´s too much.

Best result for a clear, neutral DNG for further processing in PL4 is here:

Lens sharpness -1.5
Luminance 20

This are imho neccessary tuning options.

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Thanks John. DxO’s lens profiles are renowned and work very well indeed. Still, I would rather turn distortion correction off and do it in Capture One (which is very good in this respect too).

The reason for this is that sometimes I prefer my wide-angle shots not to be undistorted, e.g. if distortion correction leads to unsightly deformed heads. Above all, I do not want my fisheye images to be corrected. When I shoot with my fisheye I do this deliberately because I want and appreciate the effect. I regard it as a flaw of the DxO products that they apply their distortion correction to fisheye lenses by default - CaptureOne on the other hand, while correcting the distortion of rectilinear lenses automatically, doesn’t do so for fisheye lenses (i.e. you have to activate distortion correction manually).

I know it is possible to turn lens correction off for selected lenses in PureRaw. But this also turns off CA- and vignetting correction (not too big a deal as I can also do them in Capture One) as well as lens sharpness. While lens sharpness is way too strong as it is now, turning it off completely leaves the images overly soft. Sharpening them afterwards re-introduces part of the noise Deep Prime got rid off before.

So alltogether I second @Eddy.Baldon: While I really like the idea of PureRaw and its simple approach, it sorely needs more customization options. I’m not looking for a possibility to tune parameters individually for a given image. This is PhotoLab4’s domain and would contradict the very idea of PureRaw. Instead, I would like to have the possibility to change some general settings in the preferences (lens sharpness, noise reduction strength, distortion correction).

As it stands now, the idea of PureRaw is brillant, but because of its too minimalistic approach it falls way short of what it could be imho.


I usually set things around what your proposal suggests, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the people at DxO seem to like it a bit punchier.

When I think of earlier versions of Lr, C1 and DxO, I find that all products have changed their default rendering towards more bang!, wham! etc., true to the business credo that things must grow or else die. Whether this serves beauty, I’ll gladly leave to others to decide - and do my thing instead.


“More bang and punchier”:

For jpg output as final file - may be ok.

As dng for further processing - absolute nogo.



I agree with the above, either a file or a preferences option to pre-select /customise various options (in particular Sharpness on /off or value).

Selecting “none of the above” in the modules section seems to turn off Sharpening but then you lose lens correction!

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I find, just running the trial, that it doesn’t work well with under-exposed images or night shots where I have exposed for the highlights and need to bring out the shadows. Some kind of exposure slider would not run amiss. For the time being, I am resorting to PhotoLab 4 (also on trial) for such images.

I agree. 3 buttons with the strenght of the different corrections could be very useful.
I think that low-medium-high are enough for the strenght of denoising and sharpening (now is too aggressive).
I’ve tested your trial and I love your easy workflow and the clean export in DNG that I can simply edit in Lightroom or Capture one.

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