Possibility of renaming during export

Currently it is not possible to rename a file during export … You can just add a suffix … Too bad.
We are forced to rename the file outside of Photolab … :frowning:
Please add us a field to rename the file.

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You do know there’s a new feature in PL to rename image files … Right ?

image … (Tho, not at time of Export)

John M

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A little reminder on the subject, DXO knows how to do it, since the “rename” function already exists.
All you have to do is adapt / add to the export :grinning:
Only 9 votes, I’m surprised that this feature is not requested more.

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I listed this in post a while ago as something I’d like too.

Hopefully this thread will garner some traction and this may then be implemented…

Citation You do know there’s a new feature in PL to rename image files … Right ?

image … (Tho, not at time of Export)

John M

In this case, the original file will be renomed … I would like rename the exported file ( new file ) , just after the traitement …

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I hope this will be the case in the next version.
This is the thing that annoys me more and more not being able to rename the files on export.
It’s still the only software that I know where we are restrained on this point.
I want to be able to rename my files freely and without suffix and 25 character limit.

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There is also a Batch Rename function where you can select your images to rename. There are also other options you can use during rename.

So, export all your files then select the exported files and do a Batch Rename.

Of course there are alternatives but why ?
We shouldn’t need it for that.


I agree. This is a silly omission. It is a very common thing to export a file and rename it–like in every photo application I have ever used.

Photo applications or not, of all the apps I use this is the only one that works like this.
And it’s quite annoying.

I’m going to up the annoyance level.

I find this lack of renaming at export REALLY annoying, frustrating and time wasting.

Having to rename via another app just adds to the steps required to complete a simple task.