Possibility of batch rename

Photolab 3 is more and more complete but the photobook module is missing a function to rename by batch automatically including the shooting date.
For example : Photo_20191021_185634.jpg
Thank you.

Hello @leraymur,

Thank you for the suggestion. It will be taken into account.

Svetlana G.

Hi Leyramur and @All,

in order to help immediately and to save DXOs time for the cool stuff, let me recommend you to use Irfanview. Open any picture in selected folder, click File and Batch Renaming/Conversion and make yourself familiar with the functionality (incl. clicking Help!). It has everything needed including renaming by timestamp, very useful when working with multiple bodies (example: File $E36868_###_$N = „File 2018_04_21-09_57_32_00x_Org.Name“. Then select all these files again, sort by name and rename appropriately e.g. “2019 05 Wedding… ####”) You can start at a certain number and increase by individual value in order to allow later inserting of “foreign” pictures or adding files from elsewhere. Very useful in reportage business like weddings etc. You can select target folder, test prior to execution a.s.o. Clever made and highly recommended. I do this always at the end of my workflow so when all pictures are ready and before final manual fine-assorting.

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In MacOS there is option to rename multiple files, including replacing parts of the file name, adding a prefix or suffix and rename using a counter.

If I need to rename by EXIF data I use exiftool from the command line. Perhaps not something for everybody but actually not so difficult, e. g. to rename with shutter speed, aperture and ISO value in the file name:

for picture in IMG_*.CR2; do
   mv $picture "Image\
   `exiftool -ShutterSpeed -s -s -s $picture | sed 's/\//\_/'`\
   `exiftool -Aperture -s -s -s $picture`\
   `exiftool -ISO -s -s -s $picture`\
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I would also like to see this feature implemented. Being able to batch rename a group of photos with options like: Folder Name, Custom Text, exif data, Serial Number (starting at a custom number and incrementing by 1) and more while being able to combine multiple naming schemes. For example: I have a folder called 2020-02-01 Test Shots. I could then batch rename all of the selected files within this folder to something like 2020-02-01 Test Shots 1.nef by combining the folder option with the serial number option.

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Ah, this is great feature request I often miss! As I started 15 years ago archiving my picture digital I would like to keep my naming structure. I guess many photoshooter do have the same problem when changing programms. Therefore I suggest to keep it as variable as possible. Actually I use Adobe Bridge for a few years now also for applaying keywords. The feature are great but the SW and the performance is getting poor and buggy. I would love to get rid of Bridge!

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