Poor RAW image processing speed

(nyghtfalcon) #1

Camera: Pentax 645Z
OS: Win 10 Pro 64
PC: Surface Pro 4: 8 gig, i7, quad core.

Problem: Poor processing speeds.

Notes: PhotoLab 1 was processing images at the rate of 2/minute. Version 2 processes the same images at 3.16 minutes per image. Nothing has changed except the version of PhotoLab. Why is this happening?

Preview button for processed image including prime noise and CA on full viewmode
(Svetlana G.) #2

Hello @nyghtfalcon,

Well, I did the test with processing an image with the default preset in PL1 and PL2 and have an equal result = 33sec in my case. So, could you, please, provide me with some of your sample images+sidecars to make an investigation.
You can upload them here upload.dxo.com under your name insread of “support ticket number” and let me know when ready.

  • Can you, clean your %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 1 and 2 logs folder and do a clean processing test (same images in PL1 and in PL2) and provide me with the logs after that.

Thank you,
Svetlana G.