PL6 round trip to Nik

Has anybody else seen this ?

  1. Export to Nik. Tiff sent and edited fine. Save edit and it does not show up back in PL6 unless I navigate away and back to the folder.
  2. Deleting from PL6, image is not removed from the PL6 library view until I navigate away and back to the folder.


Hi Colin,
no problem here – but I’m still on PL 6.0.0_5382 and checked with Viv 2, SEP 2 and SEP 3,
so not the latest versions.

(I remember to have these problems initially in PL5 until they got solved.)

I suspect it may be related to this, Colin.

Apparently it’s a Mac-specific problem … which explains why Wolfgang cannot verify it.

John M

Thanks John. That looks like it might well be it.

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