PL6 - Preset Editor Locked....Help pls

I have just upgraded to PL6 from PL4.

I have previously bought Filmpack 5 Elite and DXO Viewpoint 3. Nik Collection 3 also, but that’s not relevant to this.

I am able to apply all relevant Filmpack presets when using the “Apply Preset” button in the top right hand corner of the programme.

However, under the “Preset Editor” in the “Customize” section (on the left hand side) all presets are showing as locked with a padlock next to them and the presets cannot be utilised from that Preset Editor. See below.


Interestingly, I opened up PL4 and it now is also showing the same padlock next to the “Preset Editor”; it never did that before I installed PL6.

What kind of strange sorcery is this? Grateful for any suggestions.

Some presets can only be used with a FilmPack 6 license. If that license is absent, those presets cannot be used.

Showing unusable presets feels like teasing us to get a FP6 license. It would be more courteous to hide those presets imo.

Thanks for responding Platypus.

That may well be the correct answer. All of the presets are usable however from the “Apply Presets” section, it’s just in the Preset Editor they are locked.


From the Preset Editor interface, where you see a “padlock” against a preset that’s flagging that you cannot edit that Preset (it’s a DxO-provided preset) … It’s not preventing you from using/applying that preset (usage is applied via the “Apply Preset” button).

John M

Thanks v much John M. That makes perfect sense - locked for editing rather than use. Got it, thank you.

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