PL6 demo install not working

Hi, just installed the demo (download from dxo website) but nothing happens when i launch it. In the logs i just have some messages like :
2023-02-10 13:58:20.016 | DxO.PhotoLab - 6592 - 1 | IO - Error | Unable to find parent process for id 6592

I tired to repair and to reinstall but it does not change anything…

Thanks for your help !

@sguellec K this issue has been fixed in the new update 6.3.1 released today, please download it from DX website

I think there is a problem with Avast, I had to uninstall it completely so that all V4, V5 and V6 PL versions work.

It works fine with the new release ! Thanks.

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@Franky Thanks for your feedback