PL6 Crop tool bug?

In PL6 there is a new option to rotate the photo - thats good - works fine.
How do I rotate the crop only. ie I want to go from 5x4 landscape crop to 4x5 portrait crop?
In putting text entry in the ration list does not work!
Is it a bug?
Many thanks

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Grab a corner handle (not outside of it) of the crop frame and pull it it around until the orientation changes.

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The only way I have managed is to reduce the crop as far as possible. That will cause the crop to flip (rotate) in the other direction.

It would be nice if there were a menu option to “Rotate” the crop

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@LarsN 100% agree.

@DxOStaffPO Please take note of this for a future refinement to the crop/rotate tool.

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Just a nag: We can rotate the image below the crop mask in DPL6 by ± 45 degrees. This is not what we’re talking about here. It’s about changing the orientation of the crop mask.

Good point, nice clarification :+1:

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