PL5 sometimes 'forgets' some external selection images

I’ve noticed that sometimes when I restart PL5 after having previously used an External Selection that the program only shows a few of the previously selected images. If I click on a different External Selection, then re-click the ‘problem’ selection, all the images in the External Selection are now visible.

Not a major problem, but an irritation and perhaps an indication of a deeper issue.

Not sure what you mean by “External Selection”.

If you drag and drop images into PhotoLab or onto the PL desktop icon, it creates External Selections (at least in the Win version). I use this all the time with my DAM (IMatch, which allows drag and drop of images onto a ‘Favorite’, e.g., PhotoLab, defined in the DAM). Doing so allows you to collect a group of images using various criteria, including images from different folders at the same time.

Well, hello there! This is the first I’ve heard of the “External Selections” panel. Very interesting! What really baffles me, though, is that I just went looking for info about it in the user guide and found nothing.

I just discovered the lack of information also. Very strange that DxO doesn’t document it, as I’ve always found it very useful.

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@jch2103 does it happen with the selections from IMatch or with other as well?

  • @StevenL could you, please, handle this :point_up_2: ?

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Svetlana G.

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I should clarify that creating external selections from IMatch works fine; no issues doing that. However, it’s after I close PL and reopen it that I’ve had this issue (not all files showing in the prior external selection). Being able to revisit prior external selections is a very useful tool in PL.

I haven’t created external selections in other ways (e.g., drag and drop from Windows Explorer). I can’t imagine that the issue is specific to IMatch, but I don’t know the specific mechanism PL uses for external selections.

External selections transferred to PL → maybe it’s specific to IMatch …

When I copy something from the windows explorer to the opened PL or drag & drop to the PL icon,
PL shows the file in the ‘right’ source folder (even on a stick), but no External Selection or Project.

IMatch uses standard Windows protocols for opening files via shortcuts. The application must be able to accept files via drag and drop from Windows Explorer, which PL clearly can.

As I noted above, I don’t know what mechanism PL uses to create external selections, and as we’ve seen, DxO doesn’t seem to document it (DxO: hint, hint!).

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  • Already working on it :grin:

As for the issue itself, can I ask you to clean the logs and try to reproduce the issue? As soon as you get it, please, provide me with the latest logs.

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Svetlana G.

I cleared the logs; will report back if it happens again.

I ran into the issue again. After restarting PL5, an External Selection that I had open before closing the program now shows just 24 images although the External Selection includes 168 images. No filters are applied. I’ve attached the log file (two versions, one when I discovered the issue and a second after I closed PL5) and a screenshot.

DxO.PhotoLab 2021_1215 2.txt (89.5 KB)
DxO.PhotoLab 2021_1215.txt (81.2 KB)

I then closed PL5 again and reopened it. This time the External Selection of 168 images showed 29 images in the filmstrip. I then choose a different External Selection (which showed the correct number of images) and then re-choose the problem selection. This time all 168 images appeared. I’ve attached another log file (DxO.PhotoLab 2021_1215 3.txt). DxO.PhotoLab 2021_1215 3.txt (130.1 KB)

Thank you! We will investigate.

Svetlana G.

The problem occurred again today. I had created an External Selection and was starting to work on it in PL5 but saw that there was an update, so I closed PL5 and ran the update. When I restarted, only 4 of the 7 images in the selection appeared. I changed to a different External Selection and back, which then showed all 7 images. Copy of log attached.

DxO.PhotoLab.txt (184.0 KB)

Thank you for the additional log and scenario. I’ve added them to the issue.

Svetlana G.