PL4 with AMD RX580: Save has Failed Internal Error (Correction failed on the execute stage)


I have a WIN10 machine (2700x CPU) with a Nvidia 1060/6GB as well as AMD RX580 video card installed. I have been testing my new copy of PL4 and DeepPrime exports.

With the preferences set to using the Nvidia card I can export single photos as well as multiple photos in batch.

However, if I select the AMD RX580 card in the preferences I can only export single photos at a time. If I batch select multiple photos I get one successful export and for the rest I get the error message:
Save has Failed Internal Error (Correction failed on the execute stage)

I have WIN10 v 2004 and the latest drivers for NVIDIA and AMD installed. My monitor is connect to the NVIDIA card. The AMD card is installed but does not have a monitor attached.

Hello @dma,

When you select AMD RX580 card in preferences, do you have it marked with an asterisk like this:

Svetlana G.

both my RX580 and 1060 do NOT have an asterisk next to them. They appear to be fully supported.

Then this is a problem. @Lucas could you, please, have a look at?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

I created a support ticket in your DXO system.#236989


Thank you

I have a RX580 video card, and I’m have the same problem with batch exports. It works fine if I use CPU only, but it’s very slow. With the video card enabled, changing the maximum number of simultaneously process images to 1 also appears to solve the problem (but slows things down :slight_smile: )

Note my trouble ticket #236989. DXO has forwarded this problem to the developers and I await a fix. You might open a trouble ticket and note my number to show them the problem is impacting more then one user.


Thank you for the info. @Lucas please, investigate :point_up_2:

Svetlana G.

Hello, I have the same problem, will try to issue a trouble ticket…

Please, fix it asap. Thanks!!

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if you hover the mouse over the red warningmark you see the following error.

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For those that are following this thread, DXO continues to work on my troubleticket. They have been requesting additional log files and details as they attempt to solve the problem. Although the problem still persists, DXO appears to be actively working and escalating the troubleshooting with the developers.


An update, the error is still with me and DXO has recommended I downgrade my exports to one at a time. They believe the error will be resolved in the future at some point with an AMD driver update. However, I have given up and have swapped out my AMD card for a NVIDIA based card.

A new update, just to try a random idea, I loaded an old version of AMD drivers. AMD Drivers 17.12.2 Windows 10 64bit. With the older drivers, the export bug does NOT appear and seems to work fine. This is with an older RX500/400 series card.

Hello @dma,

Thank you for the information. It’s an interesting track. I’ve tried the same and also confirm that it fixes the stability issues with a RX 560 we have. We’ve forwarded the information to AMD engineers.

However I’m uncomfortable with recommending to do this for everyone having stability issues with AMD RX 500 series GPUs. This is a very old driver (December 2017), and although it looks to fix DeepPRIME exports, we don’t know what else it may break in PhotoLab or other programs.

So to other people reading this post, I’d say… you might try it but use at your own risk. There’s most likely no big deal trying it: in the worst case you’ll just need to reinstall usual drivers if you have issues with these old ones.

I picked the driver 17.12.2 because it was the last driver from 2 generations of drivers ago. For all I know, a more recent but older driver might also work. You could also try the last driver from the 18.xx generation of drivers to see if that works. I just wanted to go back far enough to avoid whatever bug is present in the current generation AMD driver release.

Some additional testing/summary:

AMD Driver 20.12.1 correction failed on the execute stage error
AMD Driver 19.12.3 correction failed on the execute stage error
AMD Driver 18.12.3 exports never complete, spinning arrow runs forever without error and without complete
AMD Driver 17.12.2 works fine, exports error free with good performance.