PL4 + Apple Photos

I’m using DxO for quite some time and I’m really a fan. But there a a few minor behaviours, which are a bit annoying.

One of those is that PL4 always starts with Apple Photos handover-subfolder “ExternalEditSessions” opened in the folder tree view on the left.

Can I avoid this somehow? My expectation is that I find the folder tree on startup as I left it on the previous shutdown of PL.



I don’t know if it’s normal with Mac’s version but under Win I go back to the last opened folder.
Maybe still a difference working between Mac and Win.

Ah, maybe I didn’t describe it correctly: PL4 opens the last working directory again as you described it.

But the directory tree on the left in the ‘Photo Library’-view not only shows this last working directory but also the ‘handover directory’ for Apples “Photos” application - which is quite a huge tree. Since I have no photo to work on forwarded from ‘Photos’ to ‘PhotoLab’ there’s no need to fully open that directory tree all the time.

My guess is that PL4 probably thinks there is still one photo from ‘Photos’ to work on but in fact this is not the case. Maybe I can convince PL4 somehow that there’s no work to do in this place :wink:

But this is really a minor problem. If someone has a quick and easy solution for that I’m interested in it. Otherwise I continue to use PL4 as it is…



If it’s for apple photo i can’t help you, I use a Win version
Maybe you can put a screenshot ?

@kestrel401 are you starting DxO from the internal drive or using an external one? Although I face a similar problem (if I can call it as one…) because every time I start up DxO, it shows the folders I started with nearly a year ago, on an external drive. And although “Fotothek” shows the content of the last active folder: If I close up all branches of folders to make the tree a bit more manageable. Seeing the same mess again and again is rather annoying!


Well, I have two disks inside my Mac Mini. I assume you think of the system disk (the disk from where the OS is started) as ‘internal drive’ and all the others as ‘external ones’.

That may come close to the problem: My ‘Photos’-Libraries are all stored on the second (magnetical) HD, whereas the OS and all the applications and working directories are on the (smaller) system disk (SSD). And “yes”, I once tried to edit a photo with PL4 out of Apple Photos - not a good idea BTW. :roll_eyes:

Here a screenshot to clarify what I mean: On the left you see the directory tree with the mentioned Photos-folder. The current working Directory “2021-Oct-02” is ‘miles’ further down the tree…

Any Ideas how to stop that? Perhaps I should start PL without the second disk…