PL3 repair tool trouble after more than a couple of repiars

Hi there,

I’ve just moved to a 2019 i9 MBP 15 and installed DXO PL3, i was previously using on a windows based computer with 8th gen i5 processor.

I’m now experiencing locking up and stalling of the program when using the repair tool for more than a couple of repairs to the point it becomes almost unusable.

I’ve deleted the program vis dropping it to the bin and downloaded and installed again, I also just did a reinstall of the macos (Catalina) this morning and it’s still an issue.

What’s disappointing is it worked fine on my previous windows laptop which was a much lower spec.


Hi @ruley74,

I’ve seen that also (I can’t compare to windows) that after adding repair spots it may comes slower and slower.
One trick is to hide masks (option below the image on the right. Then it becomes quicker.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve raised a ticket with DXO and they’ve suggested they’ve never seen it… I’ve done everything they suggested in the initial response so we’ll see what comes back.

Thanks for the hide mask tip. I’m going to do my next download to my windows laptop and mask the shit out of it and see what happens!

So tonight I processed the same file on my Windows laptop with the repair tool. So much more stable, works as it should. One thing I also confirmed today is when you select the repair to the image defaults back to the uncrossed view, where as the windows version stays in the view you had prior to selecting the repair tool.

Overall it now seems, unless there is a silver bullet for PL3 on Mac, time over I would avoid and use PL3 on a windows based computer or simply not use it. Disappointing considering I actually asked DXO this question (performance of PL3 on windows vs Mac) before I bought the Mac as I could have gone either way.

I also experienced that trouble using an iMac and I hid masks. But it’s not usable when the repairs need some accuracy and you have to slightly move the place which is used to repair. I would suggest a fast correction to this bug.

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The thread a couple below about improving performance & speed is reporting the same problem, so at least now there’s a few people saying it. When I first raised the issue with DXO they said they have no issues and no one else has mentioned it…

So I got my latest response back overnight, DXO are still suggesting they don’t see the issue…

Can I please ask that people raise a help ticket with DXO to highlight this issue directly.

Hope they will cope with it!
I used it on old BW scanned negatives which need many repairs and it was so long. Moreover the mouse (or pad) becomes uncontrollable as it moves on the screen many seconds after you move it.

I am a windows user so the Mac problems are not effecting me. But this reaction from support is a common problem, deny there is a problem, its due to something out of our control but finally when pushed OK there is a problem and we will deal with it. I and others had this over not all dop files being deleted; finally they acted after some of the DXO forum people took it up and sorted it. I hoped support had improved but it sounds like they haven’t always.

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What probably annoys me the most is I emailed them and asked about the versions as I was between a MBP and a XPS 15 as my two choices for a new laptop… they said comparable so I grabbed a MBP when I found one as a reasonable price… If they had have said windows was the more refined version I would have bought the XPS 15!

Same problem for me too … on my iMac …
PL3 become very slow when i use repair tool for more than 3 zone …
I’ve believed that it because my iMac is too “old” ( 2015 )… but it’s sound like …no
It’s a bug … :slightly_frowning_face: