PL DXO 6- Deep Prime XD: shaded out grey?

Just installed PL DXO 6 and only High Quality and Deep Prime are highlighted. How to get Deep Prime XD “highlighted” so it can be used?

camera model ?

If you are using RAW files from a Fujifilm camera with X-Trans sensor (XT series), note that DeepPRIME XD is not supported yet for that. (The older PRIME won’t be supported, since DeepPRIME is supported.) This is in the release notes for PL6. It seems DxO is working on this, but I don’t believe they’ve announced when that might become available, so maybe not in an update to PL6?

Hey guys, this is in the DxO ONE forum.

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It is Fuji Film T-4.

DeepPRIME XD is not supported for x-trans sensors yet. Hopefully it will be available in the very near future.


If you mean XT-4 then what Greg said applies. Curious why you asked your question in the DxO ONE forum?

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