PL 5 no longer recognizes some images

I had problems with my memory card and now PhotoLab 5 no longer recognizes some images, even older images that have already been developed by PL 5 are only partially recognized. Interestingly, it is not a problem with Photolab 4. What can I do?

Which image types?

I’m a bit confused by your problem. Are you saying you have edited images directly on an SD card using PhotoLab? If so, that is a really risky approach. What kind of problems did you have with your card?


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Here screenshot about PL5

I found out that it was due to the settings. Here are two screenshots of the settings in the same folder (sorry, it’s all in German). Why is there tick everywhere in PL4 and two symbols at the bottom and in PL5 the symbol “a z” is missing?

Nope, always i copy first the pics on the PC But anyway, before it word perfectly

RAW and JPEG. But before it workd good

Good morning @dxo_user1 ,

The algorithm of Filtering was changed by the request of a great number of users: now only the option that is checked is displayed in the filmstrip. So please, check your filtering and if you still have the images that are not recognized, please provide them to me via .

Svetlana G.

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Hello Svetlana, sorry for my english, its just learning by doing.
It was my mistake because the algorithm of Filtering was not set correctly. Now PL5 recognizes all pictures again.
Many thanks for the great support :+1:

Best regs

You are welcome!

Happy coming Christmas! :christmas_tree:

Svetlana G.