Pixelated photos when adjusting sliders

I like this program but one of the things that bugs me when compared to Lightroom or Capture One is when adjusting the sliders in the raw developer the photo is pixelated as long as you hold the mouse button down. It’s only when you release the mouse button that the photo… un-pixelates. So for example, when using the slider to adjust white balance, I like to move the mouse slider up and down to see what looks best. Unfortunately the slight pixelation won’t go away until I release the mouse button. This is the case for every slider it seems, like contrast and saturation. I want to be able to see the changes in my photos as I’m moving the slider up and down without my photos getting blurry. I can do this in Lightroom and Capture One but not Photolab…


  • Yes, it was done on purpose to speedup the performance. But as the PCs are more and more powerful we are thinking on the changing of this behavior.

Svetlana G.

It would be good for powerful PCs, keeping the choice to do it or not in the settings.

Yes, exactly.