Photolab update with EM1x support - bad camera profile?


The Em1x profile, the pictures look fine when DXO is first launched, then as the thumbnails generate the pictures move towards a green tint and 1/2 to a full stop over exposed. This happens at all ISO’s like a soccer match at ISO 200 with the 12-100 lens but is more pronounced with the higher ISO’s.

I’ve created a tech support ticket, I’ve fully removed DXO with Revo Uninstaller (so all the cache files for thumbnails etc were fully removed) and reinstalled from scratch, no change.

Anyone else running into the appearance of over exposure with the Em1x camera profile with large color shifts as the ISO goes up?

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Hello @hikeforpics,

Have you provided the support with the sample images? If not, please, upload some on our server under your name and let me know when ready. I will take them for the analysis.

Svetlana G.

(Peter Simpson) #3

I also have an E-M1X, what appears to happen is that the thumbnails are initially displayed in a quick to process default way but are subsequently updated by a background process that seems to apply a DXO profile. The thumbnail images become brighter and a little sharper after the profile is applied.

If I select one of the thumbnails for processing, it appears in the main window in its quick display default view with a circular rotating dots marker in the bottom right hand corner while the profile is applied and then displays in its default corrected form.

As I apply corrections to the selected image these are reflected very quickly in the corresponding thumbnail.

Personally, I’m happy with the current process because it means that severely under or over exposed images will be corrected in the thumbnail view so that I can see what each image contains without having to view it in the main window.

With regard to “green shift”, I’m fighting that a lot of the time with my birding images, which, for obvious reasons, tend to have a lot of green content. I use auto white balance on the E-M1X so perhaps I should switch to a fixed colour temperature instead.

I opened a couple of images in both DXO and PhotoShop / CameraRaw and they appeared to have similar colour balances.


Seth is working on my ticket. I’ll go ahead and upload the one of the original orfs as well as the default OOC jpeg and the default raw processing with no adjustments from DXO, Capture One, LightRoom, and Olympus Workspace. These will be resized to 2048 on the longest edge and saved as sRGB jpgs so you can compare the default renderings of the different environments.

Interestingly, if, in DXO I override the camera model to the EM1mk2 it looks exactly the same as the EM1x with the same flaws. So I’m postulating that the Em1x renders different raws than the Em1mk2 and that the EM1x was not actually profiled by DXO but the EM1mk2 profile simply applied as if it was the same as the Em1x.

The effect is across the board on all images. Slight over exposure like 1/2 stop at ISO 200 and scaling to about 1.25 stop overexposure along with a shift toward green as you go towards ISO 6400.

This will take a bit to prepare the uploads. I’ll send a further reply once they are up there.


Yep. Same here. I can correct by doing manual adjustments, but I’m used to a properly profiled DXO camera body to start with a correct and pretty awesome baseline and correct from there.

I noticed that the rendering is exactly the same if I pick the Em1mk2 body as a camera body under color rendering implying DXO used the same profile for both bodies. But the actual EM1mk2 raws process fine in DXO. This implies the Raws are different between the 2 bodies and the difference are more as the ISO goes up. This matches what Olympus has commented between the 2 bodies that they were able to tweak the Em1x for more dynamic range.

So I’m leaning towards the conclusion at this point that the Em1x was not actually profiled by DXO but the Em1mk2 profile simply reused when it should not have been.


I’ve uploaded 10 pictures

The 1st set is ISO 200, the original Raw then the default rendering from DXO, Capture One, LightRoom, and Olympus Workspace

The 2nd set is ISO 6400 with a similar set of 5 files

Thanks for taking a look at this! I’d check out why the rendering stays the same if the default EM1x profile is switched to the Olympus EM1m2 profile as these should not be rendering the same. The raws from the two cameras, even though they are using the same sensor, are not the same as Olympus stated they increased the dynamic range and adjusted the tonality etc etc.

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Thank you, John. I’ve got them. The issue will be investigated and we’ll fix the module asap.

Svetlana G.

(Peter Simpson) #8

Yesterday PhotoLab asked me to download an E-M1X-300mm lens profile, does this mean that the revised module has been released?

Thanks, Peter

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It’s a question to @Marie :wink:

(Marie) #10


we released modules for E-M1 X with M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm F4 IS Pro and M.Zuiko Digital ED 300mm F4 IS Pro with TC 1.4x along with E-M1 X so nothing has changed.

Next PhotoLab release, in July, will have correction for green tint issue.


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Hi Marie,

Thanks for the update.

Regards, Peter


And the overexposure issue time frame?

(Marie) #13

We will investigate it, when I lnwo when we can release the fix I’ll inform you.


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Hi Svetlana, Marie,

Please can you confirm whether the fix is in the recently released v2.3.1? I can’t tell from the release notes because they just mention “Bug fixes”.

Thanks, Peter

(John Barrett) #15

It drives me round the bend this “bug fixes” as you say there is no way of knowing if your problem has been fixed and the fix isn’t fully working or that nothing has been done.

(Svetlana G.) #16

@Marie could you, please, assist?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

(Marie) #17


PL 2.3.1 fixed the green tint issue but not the overexposition, correction was done a bit to late to be integrated.
It will be in next release.
In the meantime you can adjust it manually. Sorry for the delay.


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Thanks Marie! I had already posted over on DPreview an update on your progress with comparison shots noting the color shift issue was resolved and noted the overexposure issue remained. Glad to see that’s been fixed and will be integrated into the next release. I updated my dpreview thread as well.

Thanks for the fix!!

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So I did the test of the issue - it’s fixed. The fix will be included in the next release.

Svetlana G.

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