PhotoLab 3

Just ignore him and don’t feed the troll

There is a nice thing against Trolls on the forum: Setting > Users > Ignore. It masks someone’s messages for a while. But if you are in a good mood you can click a “show hidden message” on a thread. Perfect tool to have a peek and see if someone’s behaviour is improving or not :clown_face:


Ah nice, good to know, done :wink:


I just downloaded the Windows version of Photolab 3 and it says v1.2.2. No Colorwheel under the HSL tab and the tabs aren’t configureable as shown in the Youtube colorwheel demo. Any ideas on how I can get the right version? I don’t see how to contact the DXO folks directly.

Hi Rich,
Welcome to the forum. Where did you download it from?
I suggest you go try again and start at, there you can select the free trial which will have all the features.

I would run a virus scanner / malware scan on your computer if I were you just to be sure. If you download it from the official source you would have different version and a Color Wheel.