Photolab 2: Frequent crash while exporting for disk

Yes I’ve also the same problem when exporting multiple files in JPEG.
System: Windows 10
App: photolab 2.1

Here I have the problem again and again while editing, exporting, all formats.
DxO must take care of this bug.
Crash again!

@atha & @MikeFromMesa - May I please ask you to define “crash”.

Do you mean that your entire system fails - or, do you mean that some, or more, images fail to properly export ?

Regards, John M

No. The system keep working.
The App closes.
DxO just update the app today addressing crash issues. Lets see how it works now.
I am also using more Ram since yesterday and I am having much less crash episodes.

Keep crashing; now after RAM upgrade (32GB) it crashes especially while editing RAW files and Virtual Copies (6-12 copies).
Exporting is working better.
Maybe I should update this post title from:
Photolab 2: Frequent crash while exporting for disk
Photolab 2: Frequent crash while editing with multiple Virtual Copies.

I wonder about these crashes.

I do not have them at all.
I have two systems.

MBP 2015 i7 16/500 macOS 10.14.2
MM 2012 i7 16/275/500 macOS 10.13.6
My user account is local admin on both macs.
I’m running the latest PL on both and upgrades as soon as possible.
I also have viewpoint 3 and film pack 5.
I do not use any of the Nik-collection packs.

I’ve not noticed any repetitive or reoccurring crashes from those systems.
Any particular differences between my systems compared to those in which you suffers from crashes?

Thank for your feedback. I am glad you´ve no problems.
As I wrote, my system:
Mac Pro 5,1 6 Cores 3,33Ghz, 32GB Ram.
macOS 10.13.6

I have been noticing in the Mac Activity Monitor that while using the app the Cache Files value keep increasing until more than 20GB; is this normal? With a restart it goes again to low values (3-4 GB).

This make any sense?
I slow down my workflow. Slow down my clicks.
Allways wait for complete “correction preview” of the image, before apply any Filmpack preset and further adjustments; before the next click. Click. Wait. Click.
194 images edited without any single crash (many virtual copies included).

Is this a problem of the app? Cannot support (almost) two tasks at the same time and crashes?

Would like the hear from other users. Thanks.

I would not have thought that a Pro would have had any issues.

My MacBook Pro (High Sierra, i9 chip, 32GB RAM) has not had any issues, virtual copies or not, when processing raw images. I did a large number of them upon return from a trip to San Antonio and had absolutely no issue with PL2 (well, other than the regular issue that it will not display externally edited fixes). Processed several hundred photos from raw (ORF) to jpg without any performance issues or crashes.