Photolab 2: Frequent crash while exporting for disk

Frequent crash while exporting RAW images to disk as TIFF and JPEG. Especially when exporting a group (5,10 or more) of images.
System: MacOS High Sierra latest version updated (10.13.6)
App: Photolab 2 updated (2.1.0). Sometimes FilmPack 5 updated (5.5.19) is also open for test and viewing purposes. Film editing is done inside Photolab 2.

Anyone with the same problem?

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I have not seen this and I export dozens of images to disk when I process an image folder. Are there some restrictions on the folders you are using? Are they on your machine? Or on an external drive? If an external drive, is it usb connected or on your local network or in the cloud?

what type of restrictions? Read & write?
I am exporting/editing with a Mac Pro using inside disk only. SSD for the system/apps. HDD for the images.

I was referring to any privilege restrictions or perhaps write restrictions. Have you saved the crash report and submitted it to the developers?

I can read & write; no restrictions.
Yes I sent the report.

I usually work with all other apps closed.

> I usually work with all other apps closed.

That is an interesting comment, and it implies two things. First, you normally run without other apps open and, second, you usually have no problem writing images when no other apps are open.

The logical conclusion seems to be that some app that you have open has a hold on your target folder or is in some other way interfering with the process of writing. The simple questions are: what app did you have open this time, and what was that app doing or what had it been doing before you started to process images.The app could be the problem or the OS service that the app called could be the issue.

No certainty here. Just guesses, but these seem like logical questions.


Have you tried closing the app that was open and then trying to export the images? If so, what was the result?

Sometimes the crash occurs during editing. Not only while exporting.
Sometimes maybe I had the mail and browser (Ram consuming problem?) open.
Also an EIZO app that is always on.
I will try work with and without open apps.

I have the same problem with my laptop. It usually happens after editing several images following exports to disk and the failure to export seems to be random. Never experienced this behaviour with previous editions.
Asus UX510U, W10 v1809

Crash after editing several images.
Crash after trying to export several images.
More weird; some images edited (Virtual copies) just vanish after a crash. I have to create a new virtual copy, edit and export.

The same problem using a Mac and a Windows.
Seems like a Photolab 2 problem; not an operative system problem?

This is really weird.
Just edit, created virtual copies and export 7 images TIFF/JPEG; no problem.
The next time a crash is a possibility…
This is delaying my workflow.

I did not know that you were using Virtual Copies, which is something I rarely do, so I just went through a series of perhaps 5 or 6 export sequences involving Virtual copies and I did not have this problem with any of them. All of the images exported properly.

Given that I do not see this issue perhaps it is related to something specific on your system, or perhaps I am just being lucky.

Just now I had my file (1) and 4 virtual copies (2,3,4,5) with different editings… exporting…crash.
Reopen the app and just the virtual copies number 4 and 5 exists. The original and copies 2 and 3, do not exist.
This is really annoying.
I have my original RAW file and the .dop sidecar but I have to edit again the missing ones.

Big issue! Big problem.
After another crash using virtual copies and before exporting, my RAW file disappear from Photolab 2 and also from the original place in my HDD.
I then found it inside the Mac trash can with the .dop file.
Why is that? I do not know but it is a serious and dangerous issue.
I will now check all my files from the last days of editing to make sure I did not delete files without notice.
This is really annoying!
Dxo; please address this issue.

I am not able to reproduce this kind of behaviour. No issues so far.

Yes. Again I have not been able to reproduce this.

Hi everybody,

Yes I’ve same problem when exporting multiple files in JPEG.
Sistema: Windows 7
App: photolab 2.1

Hi fciciarelli,

I am sorry to know that you are having the same problem.
Please; did you try to export also TIFF files. And, TIFF+JPEG files at the same time?

Thanks you

What is the CPU and how much RAM does the machine have?

I had crashes during export initially with a MacBook Pro Mid 2012 (Core i5, 8GB).

I could solve it by reducing the number of parallel processing at export from the default of 2 to 1.

Mac Pro 5,1 6 Cores 3,33Ghz, 16GB Ram. In a couple of days will update to 32GB Ram.
The system works in an SSD. The files are in an internal HDD.
Even working with the app alone I still have crashes.