Photolab 2 2.3.0 build 38 launch problems again

If you do “Open with” on a RAW PL will open the folder of the RAW. At least on MacOS.

Thanks. Actually, my workflow is a bit “personal”…
I shoot real estate , so I mostly do bracketed shots.
This is what I do : import files into Lightroom (I hate the subscription but LR has got a feature I need, multiple folders selection)>I merge the bracketed shots with Photomatix Pro>From Lightroom, I edit the HDR shot with PL>back to LR.
I never open a RAW in PL.

Right-Click is not active, it just doesn’t show any option.
The only thing close to it is under the “File” menu, “Create project” ; is this wat you mean?

I just checked the online manuel ; this option (Create new folder) is only available for PC.

I am beginning to doubt PL is able not to show folders or sources of images. From what I understand, it shows every folder on the computer, every device connected to the computer (External HD, etc.) and every folder and pictures on these devices;

Maybe I should eject my external HD…but this is where my LR library is :open_mouth:

OK - I’m using Win10 so I was not aware of that … No problem, tho - simply do this step in your Mac “file manager” utility.

I suspect there’s some misunderstanding here, Chris …

  • Yes, the PhotoLibray panel can display all folders of the Drive to which it has access

  • BUT, time & processing resources will be consumed ONLY by the contents of the highlighted folder

Regards, John M

But, no folder is highlighted when the app launches…My concern is about the startup time.

Could a Mac user please help Chris out with his question … Something’s not right in his environment !! (??)


Not sure what’s going on here. For me, (mac pro 10.14.5 12GB ram) the last folder used is highlighted.
Are you deleting folders after exiting PL?

Oh and for what it’s worth, according to ‘get info’ I’ve got 55000 pictures on an external drive - typically 3-500 in a folder.
No speed problems - though the drive is USB3.

Same here and never any problems with this. Mojave latest and pics also all on external drive.

Chris - Could you please post a screenshot of your PhotoLibray panel (on left of PL’s main screen) - - Maybe that will help us to work out what’s going on at your end.


Problem solved!!!
Launch time down to 10 to 15 seconds.
I have two external HDs permanently plugged to my iMac. One with my original files and a backup (Scheduled backups with Carbon Copy Cloner).

I unplugged the backup HD and … I am relieved :relieved: (and embarrassed :confused:)

So, this second HD with copies of all my files was the culprit.

No reason to be embarrassed. Good that you could find a way to fix the issue.

It is understandable that a backup drive is always connected for scheduled backups. So it would be interesting to understand why exactly this slowed down PL. This is probably very hard to find out, though.

Quite right. I don’t know what I should do to adapt…

Could this question be forwarded to technical support?

In a similar situation for me I changed the cable and that was actually the culprit. But asking support can not hurt.