Pentax Q support

I was reading the other posts for missing support of current cameras, but now I am also victim of this policy, but from a camera that is from 2013! I am not able to open a DNG file from a Pentax Q7 at all with Photolab 5. Is there any way I can open these files with the software I bought to edit raw files? Modify the exif, or some other trick? I find this really disappointing, especially that older cameras could profit from the new software technology, I was really looking forward to this.


I gather “old” camera we are asked to support but at the moment we have to put them on hold in orger to work on other topics. But it will be part of catch up when we get back some bandwidth.


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Thanks, that would be great. It has been many years for some cameras, and I have been googling and found many posts of disappointed people especially in Pentax forums, that decided not to upgrade anymore because of the lacking support. Seeing the other posts, I think it would be really worth discussing a solution of basic support by using the provided parameters of the camera manufactures, or have some other fallback, like providing a tool were users can enter there own calibration data, as long as there is no official support from your site.