Password change for the account

Good morning,

maybe I’m a little bit tired but at the moment I’ve found no possibility to change my password. I looked in settings, but there is only the possibility for sending a mail to reset. But I haven’t forgot the password I only want to change.

Thanks a lot


Hello @Guenterm,

It seems “sending a mail to reset” is the only way to change the password (at least I do not see any other).

Svetlana G.

Dear @sgospodarenko,

thanks for the fast answer. Maybe your admin has to implement the possibility to change direct :floppy_disk: :rofl:

see you

@Jules it’s for you :point_up_2:

Svetlana G.

Yes it is true. I was surprised too but it is working as expected so it is okay and this way only the email owner can make a change :grinning:

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