Partial copying of edits

Does anyone know a way to copy a selection of edits made on one photo to another one or many photos?
A straight “copy” changes everything, so to explain, if I just want to copy everything except, say, the crop, to a number of photos, how can I do that? LR lets you check the elements to be copied but not sure if there is an equivalent in PL3.
The closest I have found is to select all photos to be updated and individually change each setting on the master which then is reflected in those selected. A bit laborious.

Under discussion over there :

Functionality to do that is not available in PhotoLab 3.2


OK, thank you, Mark! I have found, from the related thread Allow copying *selected* corrections that I can, for example, edit a preset, unticking crop and saving it as a copy. I can then apply that preset to other shots. A bit cumbersome but it works. A true selective copy would be good :crossed_fingers:


Yes there are very often workarounds to things that are not addressed by a specific tool in PhotoLab. This is one of them. I thought you were asking if there was an copy feature available that would do this for you.


Yes, I was and am but, as you say, a workaround while one is developed is worth knowing. Appreciate your input!


Developing workarounds is definitely a very useful skill. There are many requests for new or updated functionality in the backlog. We can only hazard a guess when, or if, a specific one will be chosen for development.