Parallel Processing in Pure Raw

Please process images simultaneously in DxO PureRaw on MacOS. Trying to batch process right now is painfully slow as each image processes 1 after the other with very low resource utilization. Processing 8-10 images at a time would significantly cut down on processing time and make the product much more useful.

PureRAW uses DeepPRIME NR, which is extremely resource intensive. You can adjust the number of images to be processed in PhotoLab 5 but, due to the limitations of all but the most powerful of computers, you don’t really save much time.

I think the process could be optimized if PureRAW would accept further input in the development cue while it is already working on images.
The implementation of such a possibility would also not be too complicated, since it is already able to manage user interactions with the UI while the process is running.

Where do you see this?