Output sharpenning in photolab directly

And how does it compare, in terms of sharpening quality/effectiveness, with Bicubic interpolation ?


Big difference is that it’s configurable vs. having a baked-in strength. I recommend downloading and playing with it on your photos to see if it’s for you!

I need this feature, too… I’m in the process of making PhotoLab my default raw converter and this is, for now, the one major issue I still have, because I never really get the sharpness right with scaled-down exported images – either they’re too soft (bicubic) or they’re oversharpened (bicubic sharper). The raw converter I’m coming from (Silkypix Developer Studio Pro) has a separate, freely adjustable unsharp-mask step specifically for saving scaled-down images, while I would already be perfectly happy with a sharpness slider to adjust the amount of sharpness added in the ‘bicubic’ interpolation.


I need this feature too. After some tests I really don’t like the effect of bicubic sharper, it sharpens too much. For now I am exporting full size then to resize for web I am using AcdSee where I can use a custom action with a low level of sharpening

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I find using the lens sharpness tool produces amazing results

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Yes, reducing lens sharpness (‘global’ slider) to something like -1.5 gives me about the right sharpness in downscaled images when using the ‘bicubic sharper’ setting, and that’s what I’m using these days. Problem still is that I have to increase lens sharpness again when I want a full-size JPEG.

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