Option to manually select a lensprofile

Very very usefull to chose AND DOWNLOAD (as it was possible sometime ago) a lens profile


A lot of manually controlled lenses need to be added though, like the Laowa 7.5 mm f2 MFT or the Samyang/Rokinon 7.5 mm f3.5 Fisheye (in my case MFT mount). I don’t think everything can be automatically corrected if this option was included. You could fix barrel distortion, but vignetting would depend on the chosen f number. You would want to be able to alter this as well in the EXIF data.


Yes to allowing us to select a lens profile manually. It’s ridiculous that we can’t do this. I have a lot of adapted and vintage glass to which I’d be happy to apply the closest matching profile (similar body/sensor size, similar lens characteristics).

Among others my Canon EF 80-200mm isn’t supported but I’d be very happy to apply the EF 70-200mm non-IS profile to it.


Let me tell you.
DxO is originally a company of scientists with which there is no room for chance :wink:



At this point I don’t care. I’ve wasted two hours now on learning EXIF tool just to be able to maybe make my lenses work with DxO PhotoLab. This is completely ludicrous – and unacceptable – that we are not able to download and apply lens profiles manually. If I wanted to fiddle around on the command line when developing images, I’d be using RawTherapee. It’s free.

Yes, it’s DxO’s software and they have the right to mistreat their paying customers however they like. New users have the option to not buy the software and existing users have the right to complain loud and far about this kind of arbitrary restriction.

I am really angry now to see my time and other photographers time wasted. Not only is PhotoLab 5x slower than CaptureOne due to an out of date processing engine which can’t handle large files and/or 4K preview, the managers at DxO think it’s okay to waste our time fighting our files by blocking us from applying lens profiles manually.

Why would I work for free as a goodwill ambassador for people who think it’s okay to just waste our time?

I’m so fed up with hearing about this new DAM project or any other major new features when the basics such as speedy processing are being ignored (at least new camera and lens profiles are at last being updated in almost timely way). A “new” feature of manually updating lens profiles has 15 votes and would only take a couple of afternoons for the DxO development team to implement. The contempt DxO managers have for their existing paying users seems to be infinite.


Thank you for sharing an exact command which works. I’d tried some similar commands myself but they did not work. Do you know what the exact requirements are to invoke a new profile?

Whatever is in your command definitely has the magic as I was able not to just add the Samyang profile to a file without EXIF lens info but replace the info from a zoom (old file with Sigma 150-600mm f5.6-6.3: terrible lens, returned it for the more expensive but very good Canon 100-400mm IS L II). New profile recognised in both FastRawViewer and PhotoLab 2.

As some have mentioned, it’s necessary to move the image to a new folder. Creating a new project is not enough. The image must be physically moved or the folder renamed (haven’t tested renaming folder actually, only physically moving the image and creating a new project. It’s pretty crazy that a new project isn’t enough.

There’s a workaround to delete the whole database. On Mac the database hides here: /Users/~/Library/DxO PhotoLab v2/DOPDatabaseV2.dopdata

As I don’t want to move my images around all the time, I guess I’ll be using that workaround regularly. Rescanning images/folders would be a very welcome addition to the File menu.

My wife has a bad back (and will get worse) and uses camera equipment based on how light it is. She has a Sigma zoom telephoto that is no longer made and support said years ago, when they were actually adding cameras and lenses in some number, that they wouldn’t ever be adding here lens. With an option to select a suitable one it would make so much easier for her as I am sure there would be alternative lenses that would be better than none!
In addition I had a Mk2 canon lens wrongly identified as the Mk1 (which I had been using). When the correct data was publicised for PL I found you have to delete the database and dop’s to change the lens data. With a way of actually selecting what lens data was used all this would be sorted.


Same here, i have a Pentax K20D, and when i use it with a samyang 14mm/F2.8 (wich is supposedly supported by Dxo, i installed the proper optical module), since the lens is manual, it’s not recorded in the exif, so i can’t use proper correction tool… It’s very annoying…

Having the option to manually select wich optical profile to use for “non detected lens” would be awesome !


Just been playing and I’ve come up with 2 observations.

  1. I assume that now that PL3 has been announced, we’ve got zero chance of a patch / update to PL2 to allow this to happen :unamused:

  2. If I browse a folder containing images processed by other packages (ie before I got PL2), I always get prompted to download missing modules - and all the options are for lenses I don’t own. This happens even if the folder contains an un-edited image which has the correct lens available and selected. It would make life far less annoying if I could select a profile to use with these edited images…


Automatic module detection is like autonomous driving: It can create accidents.

I strongly urge DxO to give their users a possibility to select the camera/lens combination manually.
To prevent false positives, automatic selection should be override-able.

One possibility would be to enable the user to select from supported combinations of

  1. bodies owned or used
  2. lenses owned or used
  3. any body and any lens

I believe that most users having DPL will be able to handle a manual selection properly.



I bought the two first versions of photolab but I refuse to upgrade as they cannot a) allow to at least manually select a lens profile from another camera model, but preferably any lens profile, and b) not even supporting basic combos like Panasonic S-series cameras with official L-Mount lenses. It’s absolutely ludicrous… they should really be ashamed. I have even requested these months ago, but nothing happens…

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Hello Dxo

Will anything change in this topic? There is a Nikon Z6 module with Samyang 14mm F2.8 but I can not use it without combining with modifying the file data where the competition is one click.


In case picture has too few data to automaticaly detect camera+lens used to take picture it shows a small exclamation icon. It would be great if clicking that icon would allow to select one of the downloaded corrections to be applied. It could work in similar way like when you get an icon to download new additional camera+lens. Of course setting that for a list of pictures would be needed to avoid setting that one by one.

I would appreciate that feature a lot,



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@jacdyj76, don’t forget to vote for your proposal.

If I remember correctly, manual selection of modules has been proposed in other threads too. I cannot find these posts though, maybe someone could add the links. Thanks!

See also:

Hi @platypus, thanks for suggestion. I was looking for something similar and could not find hence I posted as new topic.

I use a lot of old manual focus lenses without electronic connection to the camera, mostly Minolta Rokkor lenses.

Why doesn’t PL3 allow me to apply a lens profile of my choice?

I know exactly, which autofocus lenses from Minolta and even Sony are based on the same optical formula, so their profiles would be at least “close enough”. I can download them manually, but I can’t apply them. Or am I just too stupid?


I have thuogt of tweaking the exif of a copy of the original and change it manualy to the camera/lens which is close and see if it will use the module and see what happens.
But this would be an easier way to compare the results.

Some people say that it works. But it’s not really practical if one uses legacy lenses every day.

It would be very easy to add the option to choose the profile and enter the aperture manually,


Never needed this, all my lenses are new and more or less in a optical modul of dxo. ( version I or II can be seen sometimes)

But i can see your point. If the auto select isn’t recoqnise the lens it would be usefull to manual select a certain lens and connect this to the image.