Option to delete a folder

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This is an incredibly basic question, but sometimes I delete all the photos in a folder using PhotoLab, and then right click on the folder in the hope of finding a way to delete the now empty folder, but there is none. The only way I can find is to go to the windows explorer and find the folder that way. Is there a way in Photolab? If not, can it be an enhancement request?

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That’s true - you can’t remove folders inside PhotoLab. Yes, it can be a request - I’ve modified your post and you can vote for it along with the other users.

Svetlana G.

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Rob - There’s a quick & easy way to navigate to the empty folder from within PL:

Switch to PhotoLibrary mode; Right-Click on the empty folder’s name - and choose the “Open in Windows Explorer” option … Job done !

Regards, John M

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