Option to "Auto collapse" the correction tools in the palettes

It would be nice and handy to have an option for auto-collapsing the adjusted correction tool once a new correction tool is activated (or selected).
I am using a laptop and space is quite limited. It is a long scroll to navigate back and forth and not easy to find things when several tools and palettes are opened. Of course, I could collapse a tool by clicking on it but the less I have to click, the better :wink: !

This have been discussed before in 2018. @CaptainPO has indicated at the time that the DXO team will discuss it.



A couple of thoughts on that idea :

If you want to go back to the tool you used before switching, that would involve clicking again on the first tool. Then, if you are doing two adjustments iteratively, you would end up with double the number of clicks.

Why not create a custom palette with the tools you use most, even if that palette contains duplicates from their regular positions?

yes, a solo mode would be helpful - one of the features I appreciated a lot in LR. In general DXO is missing a lot compared to LR but the big benefit is the quick and excellent automatic corrections based on dxo mark + the excellent sharpness of the pictures.

Hello guys,

Solo mode has been accepted as Mark already pointed above. So, please, do not waste your votes on it.

Svetlana G.