Optics Module Installed / Not Installed

Just upgraded to PL 5.1.1 and had a new lens. PL hung while loading the optics module for lens Pentax HD D FA 24-70mm ED SDM WR, camera Pentax K-1 II. Now under the Optics Modules drop down it shows the optics module is installed, however on the photos themselves it says I need to download the optics module. When I click on the green camera to download the module nothing happens.

Good morning @MikeCross ,

Could you, please, create a support ticket on that via support.dxo.com and provide your logs there ( Log files – %UserProfile%\Documents\DxO PhotoLab 5 logs)

Thank you
Svetlana G.

This is the same problem that I discussed a while back with PL4.

In my case, it seemed to be related to a particular Win 10 version. However, since then, a couple of others have also reported it.

At that time, DXO decided to do nothing about it and closed the ticket. I guess they thought that the problem would go away by itself.

Try uninstalling the module and then reinstalling it.

Yes, I tried this and got the same problem of it hanging at the end of the install and having to use Task Manager to end the process. When I got back it, it showed installed but the pictures showed that they were not corrected.

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How long did you wait before you ended the process? How many images using that module were in that folder? In my experience the process doesn’t appear to end until the module is applied to all the appropriate images. On a couple of occasions I had to wait for several minutes for it to end.


Good morning,

@MikeCross as a temporary workaround I can suggest you to move the images in a new folder outside PL and then launch PL - > the modules should be applied.

Svetlana G.

Svetlana, that worked! Thanks for the work around, and love the product.

Mike Cross

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