Optical diagram / Schéma optique DXO ONE

I am looking for the optical diagram of the DXO ONE. It was released around the time of launch but I can’t seem to find it. Thanks in advance if you can get it for me.
Je cherche le schéma optique de la DXO ONE. Il a été publié à l’époque du lancement mais je n’arrive pas à le trouver. Merci d’avance si vous pouvez me le procurer.

I searched Google for:
dxo one optical diagram
and in the ‘images’ tab this page is the top hit:

Does the section on that page headed ‘The Lens’ help you?

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Great! Thanks a lot. I’ve been searching on DPR but couldn’t find it.

Umm, don’t thank me, it was Google wot found it :grin:

So Google is better than DPR’s own search engine when searching in the DPR site…

Yes, Google is usually better at searching any site than a sites own search facility. Especially if you restrict Google’s search to the site in question by adding the ‘site:’ modifier to your query. For example to re-run the search I did on just DPR I would have entered:
dxo one optical diagram site:dpreview.com

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