One + Ipad OS 13.1 Problem

hello the direct connection between ipad 2017 and the dxo one does not work anymore since the last update to IOS Ipad OS 13.1
What can i do to fix it.

The same for direct connection Wlan with Iphone 6s and IOS 13.1 !?

My understanding is Apple has re configured the lighting port connection which now prevents older external devices from connecting. I have the same issue and have not upgraded phone or Ipad to ios 13. Other vendor has told me my old external Leef storage device will not work with Ios 13 either so I held off the upgrade but sooner or later will have to move on.

Hmm, i use the Dxo for Timelapse on the Syrp Pan an Tilt, i need the Wlan direct function. At this Time this is not possible…:pensive:

To utilize WiFI Direct with Apple’s latest IOS software, location settings for the companion app need to at least be set to ‘While Using’. This was confirmed with an Ipad user & and an phone 7.

Thanks a Lot, that is the solution. You must reinstall the app to possible change the location setting,

Usually you can change the app permission in the iOS settings app if you change your mind after the initial question.

I have IOS 13.1.3 on my iPhone 6S and when I connect the DxO One camera directly to the phone the connection works fine?, however when I connect the camera to the phone via a lightning adapter / extender (so I don’t need to remove case) the connection initially works but then it kicks me off after 15 - 20 seconds.

Dralle, are you connecting your iPad directly to the DxO One?

IOS 13.2 has just been released but I haven’t tested that yet.