Older Nik orphaned by Affinity Photo 1.7 ...Apocalypse Now

It was beyond frustrating to find that the latest upgrade to Affinity Photo (v. 1.7 ) has orphaned my Nik 1.2.1 plugins… the pre DXO bundle that has served me well for years in Photoshop CS5 ( no longer used ) ; the excellent underrated Graphic Converter ; and Affinity Photo.

Losing Nik functionality in Aff Photo is a huge loss for me. Thankfully Nik still works in Thorston Lemke’s well supported very versatile GraphicConverter ( Mac only app). Not many people knew that was even possible. Without Nik, my Affinity Photo is now paraplegic. I have not even opened Photoshop CS 5 in over a year.

Fundamentally and philosophically , I will not pay the introductory $ 100 or the full $ 150 to DXO to acquire version 2 of Nik. IF DXO would like to sell me Nik for $ 50, I’ll do that , but I will NOT pay 3 X the cost of Affinity Photo just to add plugins I already have and use ( and cost nothing at the time ). Your loss, DXO.

  • unless you are willing to work across the Channel with your counterparts at Serif in the UK to fully resolve the weird incompatibility.

I note that Adobe Photoshop and the entire CS 6 suite still work in Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra. Graphic COnverter was updated to work in MacOS Mojave 10.14. Affinity Photo was already there as far as Mojave. All these apps work as far back as Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks. I am using El Capitan on one Mac ( can’t go any further ) and Sierra on the other. Again, I have not even opened Adobe Photoshop CS 5 in over a year .

It is only the Nik 1.2.1 plugins are disrupted by their host applications. Everything from everyone else still works. I fully realize a lot of this is also due to Apple’s software develpment kits, the use of Xcode10. But why would that affect Nik only and generate a ridiculously weird alert " Updating Fonts…" that hangs Affinity Photo forever until you force quit and crash out of it, losing your work ? I’m no coder, but I know bizarre behavior when I see it…

Is it even possible that Serif and DXO can work this out to the benefit of their customers and their own bottom line ? Courtesy to the trade counts. Without Affinity 1.7 backward compatibility for Nik 1.2.1 , DXO will not get a dime from me going forward. Your price is simply too high. Sorry.

So, fundamentally, the free version you had of the Nik collection no longer works with Affinity, correct? And, assuming the new DXO Nik collection version 2 does work with Affinity, you want DXO to drop the price of the product by half for you, because it happens to cost more than Affinity does. Well the solution is easy, you’ll just need to get used to not having access to the Nik Collection. It’s actually your loss, not DXO’s. And by the way, the Nik Collection is on sale right now for $100 USD.

The Nik collection originally cost $250 or more when Google first owned it. It only became free when Google decided to abandon it. DXO picked up the slack by purchasing it and supporting it. if you don’t want to pay them a reasonable amount for their intellectual property, that’s your decision. But they don’t run a charity, and they’re not going to lower their price just because you happen to own software that’s even cheaper.

And why in the world would DXO work with Serif to fix a problem with the version of the Nik Collection that predated their ownership of it? If the DXO’s current version of the Nik Collection doesn’t play nicely with Affinity, I could see them doing that, but not for the previous free version.

And would you also like my left kidney? Just tell me where I can send it. I’m only asking for postage and handling.



Who follows my posts knows that I am not really a friend on how DXO is handling the costs for the upgrades. But this rant ist just curious. What the hell has DXO to do with the old free version of NC and much more, what has DXO to do with Affinity.
This forum is for sure the wrong place for complaining about the cost for maybe fixing the problem you have. At the first place you should do this at the Affinity forum.
And if the 100$ maybe solve your problem, which could be easily tested with the demo, it ist good invested money. Just be happy you could use NC until now for free.
Here in the forum are existing user which have much more reason to complain than you have, to be honest.

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I am aware of all that. DxO could have handled all this a lot better . From the day they acquired Nik they have blundered and not had their customers concerns on the fore. No wonder they went in and out of bankruptcy.

I wasn’t the only one blindsided out of the blue by this gross incompatibility SNAFU involving three companies not working together ( Apple is in on this mess, too ).

As for any fix for the Nik plugin bricking , none of the three companies has any technical or financial obligation to one another. But they do have implied obligations to their customers. The main one being ’ try to keep them happy… that’s where the revenue comes from ’ .

Depends on the software fix ( I’m no coder ) , but if it can be done it should be done. If it can’t be done , say so. If it won’t be done because they want to force march us all up the road to extort money from us, that also needs to be stated openly.

Last year DxO was attempting to sell us the free version of Nik 1.2.1 for $ 60.00 or maybe $ 50. I will gladly pay you that much NOW for plugins that work in Affinity Photo 1.7 . If I had paid last year, I’d be just as screwed today. So please consider either fixing Nik 1.2.1 or selling us version 2.0 for the same money.

Bottom Line: the price of the new Nik v2.0 bundle is exorbitant , even at the introductory deal price. Since my ’ free’ Nik bundle still works in somebody else’s photo editting app, which I use seamlessly back and forth with Affinity Photo …GraphicConverter 10 and Affinity Photo are just one click apart and play well together. One of them still gives good Nik. Hint, hint ,

DxO. Keep your customers informed.

You seem to have missed the point.

The pre-DxO (which you did not pay for) Nik is not DxOs responsibility.
Money you paid for Affinity was paid to Serif, not DxO.
You will not pay the price for the new version of Nik.

Exactly how are you a ‘customer’ when you appear not to be using any paid for software (Nik) supplied by DxO?

As you are not a customer why should DxO spend time and effort assisting you rather than customers who have paid?


Hello DewPix,

I guess you need to write an e-mail to Google to sort out their version of NIK to make it work with Affinity.