Official support of Nik plugins with Affinity software

(Theo Belk) #21

Both, but more of a NIK problem. Affinity has made a mechanism that invites PS plugin use, but they don’t really have any control over how the plugins and/or Photoshop work. The filters are a DXO product and they do have total control over how their plugins work. I suspect Serif would be happy to cooperate.

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(Rob Little) #22

I use both PL and Affinity with the occasional sidestep into Nik. Having all this to work together without any issues would be great for my workflow in the short-term. In my opinion, a strategic partnership between DxO and Serif would be a fantastic thing that could ultimately deliver across the whole gamut of photographic software and be of great benefit to both companies and their users. Not holding my breath though.

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But why would they? DxO is a competitor that needs to grow market share. I am sure they did not buy Nik so that they could give others the benefit of the functionality. That said, it would be nice to know exactly why they did purchase Nik! Not much seems to be happening on that front…yet anyway.

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(Theo Belk) #24

By that logic, though, why should DxO make Photoshop plugins? PhotoLab looks nifty. I might check it out. But currently Affinity Photo is my go-to editor and it is quite popular with the Not-Going-To-Pay-Adobe-Subscription crowd. Having compatible plugins can only bring more positive publicity to the company.

I’m a programmer so I know better than to say integration would be easy, but it might not be a huge problem. It certainly used to work. I’ll miss the Detail Extractor and Dark Contrasts filters among others. I can already do much of that kind of thing in Affinity, but NIK was pretty convenient.

(Rob Little) #25

My view is that DxO and Affinity are complementary and not in direct competition. Affinity is a great pixel editor but its raw conversion is not great. PL is a great raw converter but no pixel editing. Both have their respective target audiences with a small amount of overlap. I typically only use Affinity for blending / stacking images otherwise I would do 100% of my processing in PL.


It has always been a PS plugin, Optics Pro always worked well with the Adobe suite and with DxO not having any DAM capability it made sense. The landscape is changing however, a DAM is being added to PL (like it or not) so maybe sharing is not so important now. The Adobe relationship is a long one so I cannot see them breaking that but expanding it might be different, especially as the Nik tools are starting to be incorporated into PL. Just thoughts. Absolutely no substance. Nik works well with PL though :slight_smile:

Not to mention that there is “export to application functionality” in PL that will allow round trips to the likes of Affinity. Maybe the logic is that DxO is the hub.

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(Theo Belk) #27

It looks like the latest update does support Affinity Photo. I’ll give it a try and gratefully buy it if it works. Thanks you DxO for listening.

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I’ve just downloaded and installed the new version … so far only tried Silver Efex with Affinity Photo and it works beautifully so a big thank you to the DxO Nik team for all their work in fixing it.

(Bart Hovis) #29

I downloaded the recent Nik update but still have the incorrect color issue when using Viveza from Affinity Photo.

(Stuart Morris) #30

I’m going to throw my support behind this request; it’d be great to see DxO support Affinity products. Lots of happy ex-PS users over on their forums, so they must be doing something right! :slight_smile:

(John Barrett) #31

Odd never a DXO response to this very large request

(Sigi) #32

Nik works fine with Affinity. At least on A Mac.

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(John Barrett) #33

It was the lower comment I was mainly interested in
“Affinity support for complete DxO product suite inlcuding DxO FilmPack, DxO ViewPoint would be great”.

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(Marc) #34

Why do you only mention Adobe Photoshop on your homepage ?
Can you please take contact with Serif for an official Affinity photo support ?
We all have something to win if DxO NIK and Affinity work closer together, for macOS, Windows and of course for iPad.
Imagine Silver Efex as an official addon for Affinity Photo on iPad pro - where would be the concurrence ? Way behind !

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