Official support of Nik plugins with Affinity software

(Bruno S.) #1

Considering new softwares which have been released after final Google version of Nik, it could be nice that those plugins are supported in such applications

[REQUEST] NIK Affinity Interoperability
DXO NIK in Affinity Photo
Just some things i ran in to working my images and got stuck in working out a solution
Accessing the plug-ins from host applications

Affinity support for complete DxO product suite inlcuding DxO FilmPack, DxO ViewPoint would be great.

(Jason Maranto) #3

I bought the official DxO release exclusively to use with Affinity Photo, so any increase in functionality between the packages is very much welcome!


Yes, please cooperate with Serif to make the whole suite compatible to Affinity Photo. Currently the plugins work (with the exception of Viveza) but there are still a few shortcomings like the missing option to save the changes to a new layer.

(Joan Roughgarden ) #5

I agree, would love to see full functionality with Affinity Photo. I was able to install the earlier free Google version with Affinity but the procedure is a bit tedious and the results rather iffy. Haven’t tried yet with the DxO version, but I don’t use Nik much because of how inconvenient is it to access. – Joan

(Rudy Umans) #6

I agree too. Viveza only “works” in affinity on 8bit sRGB images enlarged to 33% on the main panel. As far as I can tell, none of the modules have all the new features that are available in PS. Like the mask B/W preview for instance. (unless somebody can tell me how to do that). Photoshop alternatives are a big thing nowadays and Affinity Photo is probably currently the king of the alternatives. (there are others too) So, full functionality would be more than welcome. There are some threads about that on the Affinity forums as well.


Affinity support would be awesome.

(WMax70) #8

Allmost all Nik (DXO) plug_Ins are working correct in Affinity, but Vivenza2 does not.
Vivenza2 works perfect with smaller (jpg) files in Affinity, but files comming from eg a D750 RAW are complete out of color when Vivenza2 is entered. The other plug ins work correct.
Colors are off, unless you zoom-in to a certain degree. (But that is so far that it does not make sense anymore.)

Would be great if this could start working.
Also Affinity is willing to work close together to get the new DXO Vivenza2 (and others) running perfect.
They said already on their forum.

On more thing would be great. That’s more general, the ability to add frames (or to create own frames)
However my first prio for DxO would be te get Vivenza2 running. Ik thing many will step over from the free to the paid version once it is working.


Hi to all!
Affinity is young, vibrant and growing community.

I use PS since version 1.0.7, and my opinion is that
Photo and Designer are great apps — not only because of pricing model.

IMHO - It should be natively supported by great Nik Collection

(Oliver Schaper) #10

I switched from PS to Affinity Photo quite some time ago and I am really satisfied. Recently I bought DxO Nik Collection to get 64bit and to support further development of those great plugins. Please add full support for Affinity Photo - on Mac OS and on Windows as well. To be honest I don´t care too much about Windows anymore because I switched to Mac a few months ago and I don´t regret it. :wink:

(Robert Kratschmann) #11

I switch also from PS to Affinity Photo. I used the Google Nik Collection for years. So I find it wounderful if Affinity Photo will full support DXO Nik Collection.

(Peter Looper) #12

Please support Affinity Photo, many users do not want to go down the Adobe route and have moved to other packages yet this new product does not install natively into them.

(Andrew) #13

I moved to DxO because I was not prepared to accept the Adobe subscription model and the inherent risks it delivers.

DxO was my choice for RAW processing and management of my photographic files - Affinity was the choice for editing the output from DxO.

I paid for Nik Collection by DxO, but currently use the older (and free) version as the latest version was very unstable.

I’d say - given the huge growth of Affinity users - it is essential that DxO add support for the NIk collection so it runs well within Affinity.


I use currently the free Google version on Affinity Photo on MacOS.

the current payed version isn’t working on Affinity Photo on MacOS. I would like to buy this version to support this product, but only if I get official Affinity Photo support.


i already bought the dxo nik collection. it works fine with affinity photo under windows 10, but does not work in affinity photo on my mac

(Oliver Schaper) #16

I see a lot of problems in using the DxO version of Nik in Affinity Photo on my Mac. Plugins do not work as they got stuck while loading or preparing the image. This does not happen with the latest Google version and I hope that paying for the licensed DxO version was not wasted money. I bought the DxO version to support further development of these great plugin, but something has gone the wrong way.

Please don´t make me regret purchasing software, DxO. I don´t want to think twice or three times before buying software and I refuse to use pirated software - well, at least no one can complain if pirated stuff is not working as expected. But I paid for the software and I want it to work - I hope that´s not too much of expectation.

btw. Only problem I have with the Google version so far is that the image has shifted colors when being imported into Color Efex.

(Danny ) #17

I did bought Nik collection to be able to continue to work with it under Affinity Photo only to find out it is n’t working any more with the paid version. I do also hope that DxO will support Affinity in the near future, because I do like the NIK collection very much.



I bought the Nik Collection in the belief that I could use it in Affinity Photo as before. Now I realize that suddenly no longer works. This is very bad. The collection is now useless for me. Please correct it.

(Theo Belk) #19

I was using the NIK filters with Affinity Photo before a system upgrade broke it. I’m not switching back to Photoshop, so I guess I’m looking for new filters that are compatible.


But is that a Nik or Affinity issue? I thought AP was designed (not isn a user friendly way either) to work with PS plugins which is different of course to Photoshop plugins being designed to work with Affinity.