Not Supported nef file Nikon D810

According to the search of supported bodies, the D810 is supported. However, I get the triangle warning that they are not. I made a new folder with the keepers from the original database and imported them only from the new folder. After searching the website for more info on supported bodies, I now see D810 nef raw are NOT supported. I looked around the forum over and didn’t see a topic already discussing. Can someone help. I hate wasting time trying to figure something out that was misleading to begin with.

I have a Nikon D810 and it works fine - unless you are using sRAW file format, which are not supported

Welcome @pattyhillphotography

This is strange as I just retest it to ensure, my D810 NEF files are fully supported by PhotoLab.
I’m on Mac but I’m sure that it’s the same for Windows.

Are your NEF real raw or mRAW or sRAW, because I think these ones are not supported as they seems to be not real raw as related to DxO web site on supported camera:


Hello @pattyhillphotography,

please make sure your file is not a mRAW or sRAW, these are not real RAW files and thus not supported.
If it is a “real RAW” straight out of hte camera, please, upload a smple on under your forum name (instead of the support ticket number) and let me know when ready.

I was shooting in sRAW not RAW. Stupid is as stupid does. Thanks everyone.

It’s not stupid at all. It’s just a learning experience. We’re not born with all knowledge of all things. Sometimes you have to find things out the hard way.



Hey, I’ve been doing photography for around 57 years and I am still learning stuff. There’s also the consideration, with age, certain things slip from memory and sometimes need to be relearnt :exploding_head:

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