Non-destructive workflow doesn't follow the instructions

I select an image in PL5 Essential (v 5.4) then click Nik Collection button to send image to Silver Efex Pro (v5.1).
In SEP I click the box next to Non-destructive edits at the bottom.
I edit and click the Apply button to send image back to PL5 Essential
I select the …nik.TIFF image in PL5 I just edited and click Nik Collection again to continue editing.
I choose Settings and assume, by the help file, I should see a Format window that is different from the original… Help file says, “3. In the Plug-in Selector, click Settings. 4. In the Edit in dialog box, choose Export selected file(s) without processing and select OK to confirm.*” but there is no Edit In dialog box. It’s the same Format box I encountered when I first opened the file in Nik.
How do I continue editing as promised?

Thanks everyone.


When you perform step 3 above an export dialog box should appear containing choices such as “Export as JPG, Export as TIFF, Export without processing”, etc. Click on Export without processing and you should see this:

Click OK and you should be good to go.

Thanks but the point I’m making is that clicking on Settings in Step 3 gives me the same Format box as the original. I know what it should do but it doesn’t. The export without processing option in step 4 doesn’t even appear. It gives me the original Format box.

Do you see this dialog? If so, are you clicking the circled box to produce the dropdown menu?

Yes. The help file skipped this step (at least in the visuals). I got it to work. The test file I used a control point on came up with the control point again. This is very helpful in my workflow. Thanks for sticking with me on this, rrblint.


Yes, it is a very nice feature. I have used it many times in my workflow also. Glad you got it sorted!