No image in Nik when exported from PL3

When exporting to Nik from PL3 I occasionally experience the Tiff being created in PL, Nik opening without any image displayed. I then have to force quit Nik and try again. I am using Catalina.

Hi, thanks for your feedback, but I can’t reproduce your issue. Could you give me more information?

While using PL3 Elite, I click on the Nik button, choose a Nik module a Tiff is created in PL, Nik Silver Efex opens up without an image being displayed. At this point it is locked up and I need to force quit Nik. Not sure what other info you might need, I am using Catalina. I have updated the latest Nik update, since then I have not reproduced the error, if it happens again I will post here. Thanks

Thanks for the information. I’ll keep an eye on this issue.
Don’t hesitate to alert, like you did, if it happen again.