No DxO module is applied to exported image

I am new to DxO Photolab

I use DxO Photolab 5.1.0 with a 16" MacBookPro (2021) with macOS Monterey.
DXO modules are apparently not applied to my recent Nikon Z6 NEF file
(transferred from the Z6 using Nikon Transfer 2).

The message is
“Module DXO non apppliqué sur une image exportée”
“No DxO module is applied to exported image”

Curiously older Z6 NEF files transferred to my previous Intel MacBookPro
(mac OS High Sierra) do not have this problem.

I have found out what is going on: For a given picture I have four
files, say ABCD.NEF, ABCD,jpeg (created by DxO Photolab), ABCD.dop
(ditto), and ABCD.xmp (created by Photo Supreme, Photolab does not
write on this file)

It turns out that Photolab is confused by the presence of ABCD.xmp and
considers the NEF file as a file created by the export of some other
file that has been processed already by Photolab !!!

If I remove the xmp file, the problem disappears, if I put it back the
problem is here again.

DxO support agree with this explanation.

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