Nikon Z9 now works, but more optics modules please

As one can see from the screenshot, PL5E DeepPRIME now does support Nikon Z9 NEF image files and the crash upon start issue has been addressed. However, many lenses that are used with the Z9 do not have support, as can be viewed in the embedded (?) screenshot. In this case, the EXIF shows the correct overall focal length (Sigma 60-600 Sport plus Sigma TC-1401, rounded to 850 mm). Marie?


I will plan the Sigma 60-600 Sport with TC.


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Thank you. I tried the Z9/FTZII with the Sigma 60-600 Sport, and as two separate tests, with the Sigma TC-1401 as well as the Sigma TC-2001. DxO PL5E current downloaded and installed the module/s. The overall focal length and aperture correctly were recognized and reported, but there was no indication that the TCs were in use except for the reported focal length and aperture (note that I tested these at the 600 end, not the short end). I will do further tests before field use. Thank you again, and kind regards.