NIK support for 4K monitors - make UI easier to read

Using NIK on a 4K monitor is almost impossible due to the extremely small font sizes used by NIK. DxO, while aware of this issue, has done nothing to fix this issue. Would to see a firm date when this enhancement is released.

I agree. The silence is deafening, but I do understand that the software would need quite an overhaul to rectify this problem. However, DxO should not have issued the software without a warning for 4k monitors.

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Agreed! It’s funny that they have had time to modify the product enough to stop the free version from working properly and to figure out a way to charge us without making any meaningful improvements. Thanks for your support for help with this issue and, hopefully, others will also ask DxO to spend a bit more time on improving NIK rather than just using it as a cash cow.

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Really ?
The free version from Google still works perfectly :thinking:

Maybe you should add your votes HERE instead…

Marc - the previously free version does work for many people, depending on their OS, but apparently not for everyone. The new paid version says that they fixed some of the issues for those people and, once installed, the free version will not accept any further revisions. Thanks for the link to vote; I’ve new to this forum so I’m still learning my way around. :grinning:

Thanks again, Marc. I just spent some time reading the comments on the 4K link you provided - it is what I was looking for but didn’t find. It’s obvious that we’re not the only ones who have made this issue known to DxO and many folks are trying to work together to find a fix that will work. While it appears that DxO may address this issue in a 2019 new release, they have made no commitment as to when in 2019. Also, I am a bit troubled by a comment made by a DxO representative whose attitude was less than comforting . . .

You are welcome.

Here it is Jan 2022 and still no way of adjusting the fonts in the UI - this has limited my use of DxO as I too use a 27" 5K iMac.