Nik Collection Upgrade to version 2 to expensive


I just got an email about the release of version 2. But its only year ago I paid for version 1. So I am not willing to pay now nearly 60€ for this again.

  1. 58€ Nik Col. 1
  2. 60€ Upgrade Nik Col. 2
    Total: 118€
    Nik Col. 2 new 99€
    So which kind of deal is this?

Sorry made a mistake, correction to what I paid and now would have. But still no deal

  1. 50€ Nik Col. 1
  2. 60€ Upgrade Nik Col. 2
    Total: 110€
    Nik Col. 2 new 99€
(Sigi) #2

Have a look in your account on DXO and check there the prices.

(Mark) #4

This is a new upgraded version 2, not an update to version 1 which you apparently own. If version 2 does not contain anything new, or significant enough to make the cost worthwhile to you, than stick with version 1. Out of curiosity, how much would you be willing to pay for this upgrade?


(Paula) #5

I had this program for years under google NIk and not DXO for free… when I went to use it 1 day, it was disabled. because they wanted 69.99… So I decided to go ahead and get on there to purchase it and now they have already went up again. they have it as reg.149.00 and on sale for 99.00 that’s crazy. Customer service wont reply back to me either… I did find a coupn ofr 69.99 but when I go to it , it again says 99.00 instead. If they are going to charge me every year for it, then im not gonna purchase it.
thank you for posting this… it was good to know.

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I remember DxO promised to give us a very good price on the coming new version, because we paid mainly to support the further development and not for new features. This price is a real slap in the face, especially if you already own the full PhotoLab Version. I’m not amused!


(Stephen Cupp) #7

I was expecting the High DPI support to be in V1. The only things they changed from the free Google version to the paid V1 is add in the serial number and activation and fixed some bugs I wasn’t having. I guess I feel that the money I paid for V1 was wasted. If I would of known that High DPI wouldn’t be supported until V2 I would of waited.


I am disappointed too like KameraD, really the Nik by DxO 1 didn’t changed from the free version with no update but supporting 64bit, its actually cheaper for those who haven’t paid for the version 1 than you paying for the update.

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(Mark) #9

The Nik Collection is not freeware. The only reason you had a free Google version in the first place is because Google stopped supporting it. When it was first distributed by Google it was much more expensive than the price DXO is charging. And yes, every time there is a major upgrade DXO will charge for it, just like almost all other commercial software.


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I did before I wrote this. What should make the difference now to what I wrote?


I know, but that does not answer my question.

I notice people do not understand what I am referring to. I am not complaining about charging for an upgrade. And I also do not complain about how much. My calculation just shows that it would be cheaper for me to buy the new version 2, if I would not already own it, than the total price when upgrading.

(Stephen Cupp) #12

Yes and I bought it at that price too. I should of kept the Google version until V2 came out since V1 contained no new functionality. I really did think that High DPI support would be coming as a free update and not a paid upgrade.


I don’t want to be unfair, but where is the major upgrade?
Mainly I see a major jump in the version numbering, the same procedure we sadly know from PhotLab. :unamused:



BUT the Google version (with updates!) was free for former Nik customers!


(Mark) #15

There were no updates to the free Google version.


(Sigi) #16

Agree, I had NIk before Google bought it and nothing happened with it during Googles time. New OS versions where always a moment of truth - will Nik still work or not.


Yes, but there were several new versions (bugfixes) after Google purchased Nik, that were handled automatically by the Google update assistant. Maybe you haven’t noticed this, because of the silent nature of the update process in the system background.


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(Mark) #18

I just upgraded and have not had a chance to review any differences in performance or new/ungraded functionality in Nik Collection 2.


(Alexander Walter) #19

That’s correct. Many years ago, I purchased the complete collection from Nik Software for round about $ 500.- A real slap in the face, when Google acquired the software completely, stopped any further development and granted it to all priceless. Having paid 500 bucks for now nothing in 2012 was such a pain in the a… that I completely banned the Nik Collection from all my machines for years. When I heard that the Nik Collection was acquired by DxO and their promise to further develop the complete collection, I was happy to purchase it once again for a really moderate price compared to Nik Software. Color Efex is incomparable to any other plug-in or stand-alone software and I own a few hundred presets for my daily work. Dfine & Sharpener are still No. 1 when it gets to printing photos on professional printers, taking account of used paper and distance the image is viewed.
Getting a 30% discount for the upgrade is a fair deal I’m willing to pay for further development and besides, any commercial software gets updates from time to time and one either has to pay it or leave it.


Fair deal for which calculation? In my case no fair deal, compared to the current price if buying it new.

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(Daniel) #21

Whilst I never paid as much as Alex above me, I did buy it when Google used to sell it. After Google made it free it got a bit buggy. I had to be careful not to tab between applications while effects where processing and it would crash on PS action batches. It progressed into crashing every time. Eventually someone online told me that it was a bug in the effect being returned to a new layer. Changing this stopped the crashes.

Like other people here I bought it as I would like to support further development and get full compatibility. I was a little disappointed to find that the DxO version still had the same bug when returning the effect to Photoshop. Yes it got fixed but it took a little while. I had actually been expecting some updates considering, I was really paying a second time for bug fixing, and had to wait for the bugs to get fixed. I was looking forward to some improvements.

Its very disappointing to find the only way to even receive an incremental improvement is to pay another £50. I have been looking forward to things like Analog FX effects getting an overhaul, an update to the textures that are used to create the effects, perhaps dynamically.

I’ll wait to see more detailed reviews of what has actually changed, but I am apprehensive based on previous experience of what I will have changed for the extra £50 considering it still had the old bugs on the last cash grab. Sorry to be cynical.

That will bring the total price up to almost £90. Sure there is a chance I’ll eat it if there are features I really want. However looking back, I could have continued with my old google version for all the use the DxO version 1 was. The only thing I am really doing is paying for versions 2/3 in instalments with FOMO.