***Nik Collection Early Access program is starting for 2021-2022! (All information to apply inside)***

Excellent. Now you can stop being rude and impatient - neither of which work well in a beta test.

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Be so kind to share because none of the rest of us are having any luck!

I am helping @sgospodarenko investigate this, please be patient a little longer

Hello Folks, friends, forum members, staff and anybody else

I have the feeling that more and more personal hostilities, buzzwords and not factual language creeps into the forum.
Can’t we just get back to factual discussion, exchange of interests, and linguistic fun without becoming irrelevant.

With all the different approaches, opinions and areas of interest, we can still exchange civilized and let some harmony prevail.

And I would suggest everyone to read a post especially to join a beta program complete or/and twice and follow all the informations forum members write down.

A nice pre-Christmas time wishes



Totally agree with your comment !
It seems something has been fixed on DXO side, as I was able to apply to beta test with 2 adresses (Captain PO and DXO Staff)

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As noted by @Joanna in a different thread, the issue of not being able to PM could be related to a new member’s initial “confidence level”.

Looking at the current state of the thread it does not appear that @Joanna was responding directly to your post, but I could be wrong. In any case it did not call for your snarky response. We try to keep things civil here.



Hello everybody!

With @Joanna’s help we found out that the new user is not allowed to send DMs until he/she gets the trust level 1:

Get to trust level 1 by…

  • Entering at least 5 topics
  • Reading at least 30 posts
  • Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts

Thanks a lot for the help @Joanna

Svetlana G.


I’m sure you’re right… I would hope you understand the frustration level trying to add something that the INSTRUCTIONS say with utter failure on the forum end then have someone leave a unhelpful comment. Cheers…

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I do understand the frustration. If you did not see it already, read Svetlana’s update in the post just above yours. It indicates that new members must reach trust level 1 before they can PM. The requirements seem minimal.

Keep in mind that the timeframe to apply for the Early Access programs ends on or around December 14th, but you still have plenty of time. I hope this helps.



Thank you and Joanna. I think I deleted previous posts that had the personal info in it. I also was finally able, I HOPE!, to direct message the information required @DxOStaffPO for the Beta program. I’m sure if I did it wrong I’ll know! Again thanks to those who helped figure out the problem!

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New forum user here, having just come back to DXO software thanks to their recent Fujifilm support. Don’t have the trust level needed, but keen to beta test.

Good morning!

Could you, please, check now?

Svetlana G.

I suggest you take the time to fulfil the requirements, even if it’s just be reading the required number of posts. If you don’t send a DM as requested, you will not be considered to have applied, regardless of what you write here.

Thank you Svetlana, I’ve messaged my details/request. :slight_smile:

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Priviet @sgospodarenko
I have sent my information a while ago but didn’t receive any answer yet.
Had received an answer quite straight away by Captain for PL6, so wonder if it has been well received.
Can you confirm please ?


  • It can only be done by CaptainPO, I do not have the access to this data.

Svetlana G.

Maybe my post was not clear enough
I sent my application for nik collection EA a while ago, but i got no response to date.
As for PL EA the response was very quick by Captain (and so i don’t expect feedback from him), i fear something is wrong with my message to dxostaff for Nik collection EA.
Does it make more sense ?

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Hi, @Man . I was an early respondent and like you received no reply to my application. Today I sent a follow up private message to @DxOStaffPO and got a quick reply.

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Hi @CaptainPO and everybody,

I have followed very carefully the instructions to join the Early Access program for Nik Collection 2021-2022
On December 5th I have sent all my personal information, in a direct message to @DxOStaffPO, as it is explained in the instructions.

They say: " you’ll be notified if you’re part of the program or not by the 14th of december at the latest", but I didn’r recieve any response.

Miguel Sala

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