Nik Collection annoying with pop up for "update"


On startup the program annoys with unnecessary and wrong information about an alleged update which is in reality an upgrade. If you then click on update, you will be taken to the website to buy the update that is now an upgrade. What is this nonsense. That’s why I’m now blocking the Nik Collection with Little Snitch.
The way DXO tries to force the upgrade on you is more than annoying.

Translation from German

Nik Collection - Update available

New version available (Build

Would you like to download this new version now?

Later - Install now

(Marc) #2

In my opinion the only thing missing is a checkbox « do not ask again ».

Maybe we can ask nicely for DxO to add it ? @NikCollectionTeam

(Chris Maltese) #3

The pop up is totally inappropriate. Concur with Marc. Okay to see it once while launching the program, post-upgrade availability. After that, allow us to permanently dismiss.